30 Extraordinary Photos of Caves Around the World

From gleaming grottos to sinister stalactites, these amazing photos capture the natural wonders (plus some man-made additions) in caves from all corners of the Earth.

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Source Article: 30 Extraordinary Photos of Caves Around the World

"Tired of cruising the city streets in the rain and fog, my husband and I headed for the Reed Flute Cave [in Guilin, China], expecting more a temporary escape from the rain than anything memorable. But once inside, we discovered otherworldly stone pillars illuminated by myriad colors that highlighted the unique formations."

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"Blue Grotto, Capri."

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"Kayaking through an ice cave in Valdez Glacier, Alaska."

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"Snorkeling through Mexican caves or 'cenotes' in crystal clear pure water."

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"Cappadocia [Turkey] underground city."

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"Just one of many eye-popping scenes in Luray Caverns, in Luray, Virginia."

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"While on Easter Island, we stayed at an ecotourism resort. One of the excursions took us through a number of caves formed by lava tubes. This one poured right into the ocean giving us this view."

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"Picture taken at Green Grotto caves in Jamaica. The underground lake created a perfect setting for highlighting the natural beauty of the cave. Have to admit the lighting did create a colorful image."

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"Carlsbad Caverns National Park. See how small the people are in the photo."

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"Looking out the holes from inside Animal Flower Cave on the north shore of Barbados."

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A cave detail looks like a Picasso work of art in Goreme, Turkey

"Picasso? Detail from one of the caves in the Open Air Museum in Goreme, Turkey."

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Ruby Falls outside Chattanooga, Georgia

"My wife doesn't like caves but loved Ruby Falls. A beautiful 145 foot waterfall approximately 300 feet below the entrance level on the side of Lookout Mountain outside Chattanooga, Georgia."

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Onondaga Cave State Park, Missouri

"Inside the mile long cave, Onondaga in Missouri."

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The Corkscrew in Antelope Canyon, Arizona

"Although I had to bend, stretch, and crawl to capture some of the photos [of Antelope Canyon in Arizona], the colors made by the sunlight and rock made it all worth it!"

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"Driving around Maui I took this picture at a park we stopped at.  You can walk down and see a great black sand beach. Not sure the picture does it justice but that just means you will have to go see it for yourself on the road to Hana, Wai'anapanapa State Park."

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"Grotto Bay Beach Resort in Bermuda has two underground water caves on the property. Guests can take a plunge in the cool, underground waters of Cathedral Cave and Prospero’s Cave while marveling at the stalactites."

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"The caves of Sedona"

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The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

"The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands."

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The Elephant Cave Temple in Bali

"The Elephant Cave Temple in Bali."

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"The clothing company Title Nine organized a day trip to the longest continuous lava tubes in the U.S., Ape Caves on the south side of Mt. St. Helens in Washington. What an experience!"

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Jewel Cave in the Mount Rushmore area, South Dakota

"Of the several caves in the Mount Rushmore area, Jewel Cave is the must see...absolutely amazing!"

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The waterfall at the Ellora Caves in India

"The sun lit up the waterfall as we hiked behind to step inside one of the Jain cave temples in Ellora, India."

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Austrian Ice Cave

"The delicate lines extending diagonally near the bottom of the photo are from water dripping from above in this chily ice cave at Obertraun, Austria, in the Salzkammergut, near Hallstatt."

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"Ancient pueblos, built in caves, remain as a testament to earlier times. Canyon de Chelly, AZ."

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sea caves in Halong Bay, Vietnam

"Sea Caves, Halong Bay, Vietnam."

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A cave in South Dakota

"South Dakota cave."

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"In western Belize, deep inside Aktun Tunichil Muknal Cave, past a labyrinth of water tunnels in a crystalline underworld, Mayan priests prayed to Chac the Sustainer, sometimes making human sacrifices in their quest to please the gods. Tours of the cave offer a close-up glimpse of the ancient world."

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Crystal Cave, Bermuda

"Crystal Cave, Bermuda. Worth an hour."

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"Ellora Caves, India"

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"My recent trip to the world largest caves situated in Borneo Island, Sarawak State of Malaysia."

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