10 Beaches that Budget Travel Editors Love

Summer is winding down and there are just a few precious days left before school starts and the fall chill arrives. But there's still time to hit the beach. Here are the 10 stretches of sand Budget Travel editors wish they could be on right now.

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Source Article: 10 Beaches that Budget Travel Editors Love

Playa Samara in Costa Rica! Has the Pacific Ocean's best waves for learning how to surf.—Whitney Tressel, Associate Photo Editor

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Playa del Carmen, where the chest-deep water was still clear enough to see my pale pink toenail polish.—Lisa Schneider, Digital General Manager

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Beaches on Long Island’s North Fork are the quieter, calmer cousins of Montauk and the Hamptons. Plus, they’re so close to world-class wineries, cheese makers, and bakeries that a beach picnic is practically mandatory.—Nicholas DeRenzo, Associate Editor

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Miami Beach has all the tropical appeal of the Caribbean without a passport required. Breezy palm trees and water so clear and blue, you can see straight down to your feet. And year-round warm weather means no shivering while running from the ocean to the comfort of your beach chair!—Robin Honig, Research Chief

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Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos—the sand was as soft as talcum powder and I've never seen water in so many shades of blue!—Laura Michonski, Deputy Digital Editor

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Lighthouse Beach in Chatham, MA. Great White Shark watching!—Amy Lundeen, Photo Director

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Montauk, my favorite little beach town at the end of Long Island, NY. It's just not summer without a day at the beach, lobster rolls for lunch, and a trip to Gosman's Dock for dinner.—Kaeli Conforti, Digital Editorial Assistant

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Corona Del Mar, in Newport Beach, Calif. Of all the beaches I've been to, it captures the spirit of Southern California the best.—Rachel Mosely, Editorial Assistant

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Having lived my entire life in New York and California, of course I love the ocean. But I’ve got to put in a word on behalf of lake shores! A little more than an hour’s drive from my home in the Hudson Valley, Lake Minnewaska is ringed by granite rocks and a pine forest that will remind transplanted Westerners of home.—Robert Firpo-Cappiello, Deputy Editor

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Siesta Key, one of the laid-back beach towns along the Gulf Coast of Florida.—Danielle Contray, Senior Digital Editor

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