Moana Lodge

By Ted Loos, Thursday, Feb 9, 2006, 11:42 AM

Moana Lodge

About this Hotel

Price From $60

A massive three-headed tribal sculpture—you kind of have to see it to understand—marks the entrance to Moana, and it's only the first taste of the hotel's African theme.

Wa-Kabwe Kabue-Tshibanda, a Belgian with Congolese roots, has collected angular wooden masks and shields in the Congo and Ivory Coast. They're now scattered around his property—mounted next to the reception desk, near the pool, and on the walls of the seven rooms.

Five of the rooms are air-conditioned and some have leopard-print pillows on the single beds.

Moana is set on a hillside and has ocean views in the distance; the beach is on the other side of the road.

There isn't a restaurant, but rather a well-appointed communal kitchen and a self-serve bar.

Located at the southern end of Malpais, Moana is blessedly quiet—the kind of hotel that would be fun to take over with friends.