40 Islands You'd Love To Be Stranded On

We asked—you answered. From the secluded beaches of Bora Bora to the romantic Ile Saint Louis in Paris, these are the islands where you'd like to stay, well, forever.

  1. "Any one of the Seychelles." —Karen Huff Cottingham

  2. "Palawan, Philippines." —@jayramablogs

    (Courtesy agbaguio/myBudgetTravel)
  3. "St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands." —Kristi Urynowicz Boddy

    (Courtesy F H Mira/Flickr)
  4. "Ile Saint Louis or Ile de la Cite...unless you mean somewhere tropical." —Tamara M. Goldstein

    (Courtesy Jean-Pierre Dalbéra/Flickr)
  5. "Ibiza." —Joseph Galante

    (Michal Bednarek /
  6. "Madagascar." —Christine Carlyle Urick

    (Courtesy jfenson/myBudgetTravel)
  7. "Santorini." —Jane Byrd

    (Courtesy kennethdiluigi/myBudgetTravel)
  8. "The South Island of New Zealand." —Jill Masse Stokes

    (Courtesy TuckerG/myBudgetTravel)
  9. "I live on Maui and am happy here!" —Norma Eason

    (Courtesy IM4Maui/myBudgetTravel)
  10. "Ireland." —Dana Woods

    (Courtesy Donna Carroll/myBudgetTravel)
  11. "Rapa Nui [Easter Island]." —Sergio Hilario

    (Courtesy awc007/myBudgetTravel)
  12. "Anguilla." —Ashley Peterson

    (Courtesy melpilgrim/myBudgetTravel)
  13. "Kauai, for sure. I relax as soon the plane lands at the airport." —Annette Johnson Andrea

    (Courtesy ayashbasu/myBudgetTravel)
  14. "Bali." —Veronica Keke Papilaya Matsuda

    (Agnus Febriyant / Dreamstime)
  15. "Paxos or Agistri please!" —@wlv_leisure

    (Courtesy Smoobs/Flickr)
  16. "Mykonos." —Christy Stoeckel

    (Courtesy marmat1711/myBudgetTravel)
  17. "Maldives, any day." —Jennifer Hayes

    (Courtesy Greg Knapp/Flickr)
  18. "Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands." —CatamaranSeaChateau

    (Courtesy Nina Hale/Flickr)
  19. "Galápagos Islands." —Tammy Snyder

    (Paul Van Den Berg /
  20. "Vis, Croatia." —@MiasCroatia

    (Courtesy Mario Fajt/Flickr)
  21. "Huahine. This is by far my favorite island I've been to. Beautiful lush island, friendly locals, great activities but also a great place to relax. Would love to be stranded there." —Sarah Coutts

    (Courtesy Nils Rinaldi/Flickr)
  22. "Grenada." —Linda Deters

    (Courtesy fakelvis/Flickr)
  23. "I would love to be stranded on Iceland because of the beauty and it has distinct seasons." —Christina MacDonald Bell

    (Courtesy KLO/myBudgetTravel)
  24. "Capri, Italy! Hopefully I'm stranded with a suitcase full of cash!" —Sophia Rigatou

    (Courtesy mpjsalazar/flickr)
  25. "Roatán, Honduras." —Sigrid Garavito

    (Courtesy mcmillent/myBudgetTravel)
  26. "Grand Cayman." —Tammy Piazza

    (Courtesy tkalexander/myBudgetTravel)
  27. "Moorea or Rarotonga." —Judy Garner

    (Courtesy By mjhbower/Flickr)
  28. "Life on the left lane...St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands." —Lyn Cole

    (Courtesy Margate/myBudgetTravel)
  29. "Labadee, Haiti." —Terri Knespler Pamatat

    (James Colin /
  30. "Zanzibar." —Theresa Schilling

    (Courtesy Neal Walker/myBudgetTravel)
  31. "Martinique or St. Martin." —Adrienne Smith

    (Courtesy paulhurd/myBudgetTravel)
  32. "Ischia." —Allison Beards

    (Courtesy Chiara Marra/Flickr)
  33. "Oahu." —@AndreaAslyfox

    (Courtesy brighteyes411/myBudgetTravel)
  34. "Bora Bora." —Anita Mitchell

    (Courtesy acpatel714/myBudgetTravel)
  35. "Manhattan." —@TrippyFood

    (Songquan Deng/Dreamstime)
  36. "Culebra but only if I was stranded for no more than a month. I don't want to be stranded anywhere longer than that." —Devin Pelt

    (Courtesy blucolt/Flickr)
  37. "I have chosen to be 'stranded' on Marco Island, Florida." —Anne Reilly

    (Courtesy Ines Hegedus-Garcia/Flickr)
  38. "Terceira, in the Azores." —Marie Rivera

    (Courtesy Rebalyn/Flickr)
  39. "Cook Islands, Rarotonga." —@edub227

    (Courtesy eutrophication&hypoxia/Flickr)
  40. "Key West."

    (Courtesy Carl Lender/Flickr)

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