44 Mother-Daughter Trips You Love If you could take a mother-daughter getaway anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do there? Last year’s responses were so inspiring, we had to ask again! Just in time for Mother’s Day, BT presents 44 more vacation ideas for the ultimate girls' trip. Budget Travel Wednesday, May 8, 2013, 6:00 PM "South Africa, Cape Town. I would take her on wine tours, a township tour, walk around Stellenbosch, volunteer with Operation Hunger, look out over Table Mountain, visit Robben Island, explore the markets, go on a safari, explore the coast, and visit some of my friends' families. I would love to take her to Africa." —Codi Thompson (Courtesy Dreamstime) Budget Travel LLC, 2016


44 Mother-Daughter Trips You Love

If you could take a mother-daughter getaway anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do there? Last year’s responses were so inspiring, we had to ask again! Just in time for Mother’s Day, BT presents 44 more vacation ideas for the ultimate girls' trip.

  • Looking down from Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa
  • A beautiful sunset scene from Japan
  • Trunk Bay in St. John, US Virgin Islands
  • Sunrise in Rio de Janeiro
  • Horses in the fields on a farm in Lexington, Kentucky
  • Galway city at the west coast of Ireland View of Shop Street, a very busy pedestrian street in Galway
  • Griboedov Canal and the Church of Savior on Spilled Blood in St-Petersburg, Russia
  • Disney Worlds Cinderella Castle near Orlando, Florida.
  • Li River Cruise From Guilin, China
  • Gallarus Oratory in Ireland
  • A beautiful beach in Palawan, Philippines
  • Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina
  • The Dordogne RIver in France
  • River Ganges, Varanasi, India
  • The London Skyline
  • Temple Mount and Western Wall during Shabbat
  • Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
  • View of Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach in Oahu, Hawaii
  • A fish-eye view of the Hong Kong skyline during the day.
  • Times Square
  • Old San Juan Puerto Rico
  • A beautiful beach in Maui, Hawaii
  • Queenstown, New Zealand at Dusk
  • The base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
  • The Moa Peninsula in Islay, Scotland
  • The Lost Coast in California
  • Badia Palace in Marrakech, Morocco
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Volcano in Costa Rica
  • Towns along the Danube River
  • A beautiful forest in Chilean Patagonia
  • Barceloneta sculpture in Barcelona, Spain
  • Koala bear and baby in Australia
  • Seventeenth century Pura Taman Ayun, a relic of the Kingfom of Mengwi
  • Beach scene from Greece
  • A quiet canal view in Venice, Italy
  • Sukhothai in Thailand
  • Frigate birds on the Galapagos Islands
  • New York City Central Park
  • Sorcerers Hat at Disneys Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.
  • The blue and green waters of Bermuda
  • View of Parliament from the Danube River in Budapest
  • Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey
  • A purple sunrise over Palermo, Sicily

"South Africa, Cape Town. I would take her on wine tours, a township tour, walk around Stellenbosch, volunteer with Operation Hunger, look out over Table Mountain, visit Robben Island, explore the markets, go on a safari, explore the coast, and visit some of my friends' families. I would love to take her to Africa." —Codi Thompson

(Courtesy Dreamstime)

"Taking my daughter to Japan would be tops on my list. She's 14, diabetic, and loves Japanese culture. Her dream would be to go to Akihabara, lunch at a maid café, tea at a tea garden, and so many other sights and experiences that she's talked about and obsessed over the last six years. My goal would be for her to find a love, dream big, and go for it!" —Tammy Seelman

(Chuongy / Dreamstime.com)

I would take my daughter to St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. I want to show her one of my favorite places on earth.

(Courtesy kpm1031/myBudgetTravel)

"After a recent (and amazing) trip to Rio de Janeiro this past February, I knew it was a place my mother would love so I'm taking her in December for Christmas. I know she'll have a blast! Samba, beaches and bikinis, what's not to love? And, yes, at 72, my Mom still rocks a bikini." —Danielle Fabulosity

(Courtesy ricmatts/myBudgetTravel)

"Out west so my daughter could fly like the wind on a horse ride. She loves the open air and ranch atmosphere. She is studying to be a Vet Tech, and would love to work primarily with horses eventually. It would be special to see her in her element." —Judi Bryer Leh

(Alexey Stiop / Dreamstime.com)

"Ireland! My 14-year-old has been wishfully planning trips to Ireland for nearly two years. She plans the flights, accommodations, things to do, the whole nine yards. All that's missing is the funding!" —Meredith Stukey McGee

(Gunold Brunbauer / Dreamstime.com)

"It's a bit unusual but my mother and I traveled to St. Petersburg, to accompany my daughter to a conference. We had a blast visiting the Czar's palaces, the Hermitage museum and the Russian Orthodox churches. Even the few reminders of the Soviet Union were fascinating. I would never of thought of going but it was a great trip!" —Carol Landry

(Voltan1 / Dreamstime.com)

"I can't wait to take my little princess to Disney World for the first time, and to see the priceless look on her face when she sees Cinderella's castle in person!" —Lindsey Heim


"I'd probably pick a place like Guilin, China, where the culture is both intimidating and interesting, and we can't speak the language but the beauty of the natural world around us wouldn't need words. Plus, Guilin has lots of markets and what girl doesn't love to shop?" —Kristen Mankosa

(Courtesy nancyb926/myBudgetTravel)

"My mom and I love history and learning about other people and cultures. Our dream mother-daughter trip would be to go to Ireland to explore our roots." —Stephanie Leeks

(Courtesy pdesmond/myBudgetTravel)

"I would take my mom to the Philippines (her homeland) and take her to all the cool shopping places. It's so expensive but so beautiful." —Jenie Gundran

(Courtesy agbaguio/myBudgetTravel)

"For my mother's 70th birthday, we took a 4-day mother-daughter trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. We enjoyed a bed and breakfast decorated for Christmas and a tour of Biltmore Estate in all its holiday glory. We also drove in the mountains for hours talking about her childhood. It was a great mother-daughter getaway." —Jessica Rebhahn

(Courtesy theakshay/Flickr)

"Anywhere! I have brought my mum to England, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, East Coast of the USA, etc. She is an easy traveller and loves to see the world so she made a great companion." —Clare Gim Lay Tan

(Courtesy kennethdiluigi/myBudgetTravel)

"I would absolutely take my mother to India. Of course we'd visit Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi, but we would definitely spend a few days in Varanasi, a very holy city for Hindus. It is also where my grandmother passed away so I know my mother would love to rest flowers for her near the Ganges River. We will take this trip soon enough!" —Sophia Rigatou

(Steve Allen / Dreamstime.com)

"I took my mom to London and Paris in Dec. of 2010. She was so excited! I surprised her and upgraded our tickets to business class. It was her first time using her passport and she was like a kid in a candy store. We did enjoy plenty of shopping, sightseeing, and taking pictures. And boy did we eat!" —Monica C. Weeks

(Courtesy London & Partners)

"My daughter and I have gone on some great girls-only trips and I'd love to add Israel to the list. Tel Aviv is steeped in arts, culture, and history, with a great foodie and shopping scene, and it's on the Mediterranean to boot, so we'd have fun just puttering about. We would also explore the religious sites in Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea." —Yuki Hayashi

(Courtesy David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons)

"Rafting down Colorado River in the Grand Canyon." —Jill Pocock Betz

(Courtesy Grand Canyon NPS/Flickr)

"I think I would take my mom to Hawaii. She's a hard-working person who takes very little time to herself, so I feel a week on a quiet, relaxing, island would do her (and me, the mom of a 15-month-old) worlds of good. We would sleep in, drink Mai Tai's on the beach, talk, take long relaxing walks, eat what we wanted when we wanted, and just chill out." —Jen Rios Burns

(Courtesy Butch25/myBudgetTravel)

"Hong Kong to go shopping in Causeway Bay and Kowloon." —@akaams

(Courtesy cwgoodroe/myBudgetTravel)

"We're actually from Louisiana. I would love to share New York City with my mom. Taking pictures in front of Times Square—this would be the trip of a lifetime." —Tomica Curlee-Starks

(Courtesy Terabass/Wikimedia Commons)

"My daughter and I went to Puerto Rico this past December. We took tours to the waterfalls, Vieques, a cab to Old San Juan, El Morro, explored, walked a lot and shopped, of course." —Jackie Turner

(Courtesy sojourner73/myBudgetTravel)

"We would head back home to Hawaii, but stay in Maui for the sun, spas, and beaches where you can really get away from it all." —Amber Barnett

(Courtesy IM4Maui/myBudgetTravel)

"My Mom and I always try and take a trip for summer together. A dream trip would be Bora Bora, New Zealand, or Alaska in the summer." —Neeona Neal

(Vichaya Kiatying-angsulee / Dreamstime.com)

"Paris. My daughter fell in love with the city as an undergrad and I would love to discover its wonders through her eyes." —Ann-Marie Leary Coleman

(Courtesy lavenderdays/myBudgetTravel)

"I would love to tour the British Isles with my mother. She enjoys tracing our family's ancestral roots, and there are some very deep ones in England and Scotland. Fingers crossed that we are one day able to make that trip a reality!" —Jenna Brubaker Lowder

(Courtesy Yv/Flickr)

"The Lost Coast in California. I want to do this trip with my daughter. It looks beautiful—rugged and natural, back to the basics." —Emily Walker

(Courtesy Doug Letterman/Flickr)

"My two daughters and I always enjoy Paris together in the summer. Last summer, I took my oldest to Lyon, France, and we had a great time. Another trip idea would be Marrakech." —Lydie Thomas

(Courtesy 3viajeros/myBudgetTravel)

"Mom and I would like to do a Riverboat cruise through Lisbon to Spain along the Douro River. After the cruise ends we would take the train to Madrid to visit the museums and churches." —Beth Clark

(Courtesy Rentz/myBudgetTravel)

"My mom and I took a getaway to Kauai, Panama, and Costa Rica last year. We spent most of our time relaxing on the beaches. If we had a choice, we would probably go to Italy next to see the art and historic sites, eat delicious food, and relax in the countryside." —Les Lie

(Tony Northrup / Dreamstime.com)

"Just did this a month ago—my daughter and I took a Danube River Cruise and loved it! We met two other mother-daughter pairs on the ship and two sons who were travelling with their mom." —Barb Mardis

(Courtesy cspaid/myBudgetTravel)

"My mom has always wanted to see Patagonia. I'm so hopeful I can make this happen for her (and go with her). To be that close to pure beauty with the amazing woman who brought me into this wonderful world." —Katie Lineweaver Robinson

(Courtesy jfenson/myBudgetTravel)

"Spain—Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo, for sure. We would want to walk in Don Quixote land, and breathe the Mediterranean air blowing off the sea." —Susan Ardolino Turner

(John Warburton Lee / SuperStock)

"Australia. We would see all the interesting animals they don't have here, among numerous other things." —Nancy Shumway

(Courtesy beppenger/myBudgetTravel)

"I would go back to Bali with my mom. I visited her there in 2009 when she was volunteering at a birth center. We would stay six weeks and both volunteer." —Meghan McLean

(Agnus Febriyant / Dreamstime)

"My daughter is a Special Olympics Athlete and lives home with me. We go on a vacation every year together. Our dream trip would be Greece—a beautiful country, and home of the Olympics, so it's special to us." —Doreen Gallien

(Courtesy themurfs/myBudgetTravel)

"My daughter and I have dreamed of mother-daughter trip to Northern Italy since she was in middle school. We want to see where da Vinci lived, drink wine in Tuscany, have a handsome man sing to us in a gondola, and eat!" —Angie Knoll

(Courtesy Kaeli Conforti)

"I'd go wherever she wanted. I've traveled plenty so she could have her pick, but I would love to show her Thailand." —Tasha Patterson Ward

(Dongsomboon / Dreamstime.com)

"My daughter and I went to Peru and Ecuador last year. Machu Picchu was awesome. We spent four days on the Galapagos Islands (also awesome). She is a Vet student and really enjoyed seeing and photographing the various animals." —Kathy Burns Doering

(Courtesy David Berkowitz/Flickr)

"My daughter wants a mom-daughter trip to New York City for her college graduation. We would see the sights, shows, the September 11th Memorial, and eat at the famous places." —Amy Hale

(Songquan Deng/Dreamstime)

"Disney, of course. Where both of us can be as young as we want to be." —Susan Brust

(Steve Kingsman/Dreamstime)

"Mother-daughter trips that have been a bit stressful lately were China and Hong Kong. A very successful one was Bermuda, since it is calm, beautiful, no long flights required, and you can do fun girly stuff like full afternoon tea." —Katie Hallock

(Courtesy bfurbush/myBudgetTravel)

"My mother has dreamed of going to Budapest, Hungary, and I hope I get to take her one day. I am also Irish and have been to Ireland twice already, so I would like to explore the other side of my ancestry with her." —Amanda Roche

(Courtesy cspaid/myBudgetTravel)

"The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. Exotic shopping at its best."  —Susan Lore

(Courtesy j.o.h.n. walker/flickr)

"Italy, to visit our ancestral home, specifically, Palermo, Sicily. My maternal grandfather was from there and we would love to see whether other relatives from our generations are still there. Fascinating!" —Wynne Gavin

(Courtesy nancyb926/myBudgetTravel)
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