My Favorite Garden Get a peek at lovely gardens around the globe—the favorites of those in the know. Budget Travel Saturday, Apr 5, 2008, 1:11 PM The Nutwalk at York Gate Garden in Leeds, England, opens to a canal filled with water lillies. (John Whitaker/Courtesy York Gate Garden) Budget Travel LLC, 2016


My Favorite Garden

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The Nutwalk at York Gate Garden in Leeds, England, opens to a canal filled with water lillies. (John Whitaker/Courtesy York Gate Garden)
The one-acre York Gate Garden is tucked behind a 12th-century church and comprises a series of outdoor rooms. (John Whitaker/Courtesy York Gate Garden)
At Chanticleer in Wayne, Pa., stroll through a woodland only to encounter a ruin where plants appear to be reclaiming all vestiges of man. (Courtesy Tim Crawford)
Yew Dell Gardens was the vision of plant expert Theodore Klein, who started the now-public garden in Crestwood, Ky., as a nursery and laboratory in 1941. (Courtesy Yew Dell Gardens)
Yew Dell Gardens has sprawling lawns dotted with evergreens surrounding a Cotswolds-style castle. (Courtesy Yew Dell Gardens)
Grain Belt Brewery founder Frederick Noerenberg created Noerenberg Gardens on the north shore of Lake Minnetonka, just outside of Minneapolis, first planting a grove of Scotch pine and Norway spruce that reminded him of his native Germany. (Courtesy Three Rivers Park District)
The 75-acre Schnormeier Gardens in central Ohio is a monument to the unexpected. Along with a Chinese pavilion, there's a Japanese zigzag bridge over a pond with Australian black swans. (Courtesy Schnormeier Gardens)
Celia Thaxter's Garden is on an island 10 miles off the coast of Portsmouth, N.H. The 19th-century poet fashioned the garden, saying it gave her "perfect happiness. (Courtesy Jim Cerny)
Framed by spectacular sea views and tended by volunteers and staff from the nearby Shoals Marine Laboratory, Celia Thaxter's Garden is only 750 square feet, but it's filled with colorful annuals such as red poppies and blue love-in-a-mists. (Courtesy Jim Cerny)
Built on the site of an old sand mine, the 143-acre Hamilton Gardens in Hamilton, New Zealand, is like a trip around the world. There's an Indian walled garden with a carpet of Persian roses, dianthuses, sweet williams, zinnias, and more. (Courtesy Hamilton Gardens)
Hamilton Gardens also features an American modernist garden with a kidney-shaped pool and a mosaic of Marilyn Monroe. (Courtesy Hamilton Gardens)
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