PHOTOS: 10 Most Family-Friendly Cities in Europe

From peerless parks to hands-on-museums and refreshingly affordable food, these major European cities all say "welcome!" to families with children.

  1. Amsterdam's coffee houses are popular meeting places and a delicious break on a busy day of sightseeing.

  2. Amsterdam's newly reopened Rijksmuseum is the place to see Old Masters paintings and more.

    (Radu Razvan Gheorghe/
  3. Amsterdam's distinctive traditional houses have a charming, storybook appeal.

  4. Spend some time on Amsterdam's canals—the Dutch city is known as the Venice of the North!

    (Anna Berkut/
  5. Fruit juices at La Boqueria Food Market in Barcelona are a sweet treat for the little ones—and the big ones!

    (Stefania Rossitto/
  6. Barcelona is not only a bustling metropolis, but home to relaxing beaches, too.

    (Juan Moyano/
  7. Barcelona's Park Güell is a municipal garden designed by Antoni Gaudí.

    (Georgiy Pashin/
  8. The traditional red tile roofs of Florence with the Duomo in the background.

    (Charlotte Leaper/
  9. Florence's streets are made for quiet strolls, day or night.

    (Tatjana Pilate/
  10. Florence's many outdoor restaurants are a great place to grab a cup of coffee and let the little ones munch on biscotti or gelato.

    (Raluca Tudor/
  11. Greece's Halkidiki peninsula is home to welcoming resorts.

    (Yiannis Papadimitriou/
  12. Kassandra is one of the areas in Halkidiki, Greece, where you'll find ample elbow room and a relaxed vibe.

    (Aliaksandr Mazurkevich/
  13. The birthplace of Aristotle, at Stageira, is marked by a statue of the philosopher.

    (Panagiotis Karapanagiotis/
  14. Dublin's River Liffey is a magnet for little ones. The city is an excellent starting point for young travelers.

    (Lucian Milasan/
  15. The busy Temple Bar area of Dublin offers nightlife for the grownups in your brood.

    (Robinson Becquart/
  16. Powerscourt House in County Wicklow, Ireland, one of the great day trips you might consider out of Dublin.

    (Richard Semik/
  17. A classic London juxtaposition: Millennium Bridge with the enormous dome of Saint Paul's Cathedral in the background.

    (Alexandre Fagundes De Fagundes/
  18. An iconic view of London's Big Ben clock tower.

    (Alex Saberi/
  19. A venerable denizen of London's Natural History Museum, popular with kids of all ages!

    (Viorel Dudau/
  20. Munich's Karlstor Gate and Karlsplatz Square are just two of the sights in Munich, a city that appeals to kids for its fairy tale appearance.

    (Andrey Omelyanchuk/
  21. Aerial view of Munich's Marienplatz, New Town Hall, and Frauenkirche.

  22. Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the classic fairy tale sights outside Munich.

  23. Paris' Eiffel Tower was originally planned as a temporary structure and derided by local artists as an eyesore.

    (Tomas Marek/
  24. Hungry? Paris offers cafés, bistros, and brasseries on every corner!

  25. Jardin du Luxembourg is an appealing pubic park and garden in Paris.

    (Juan Moyano/
  26. Get your gladiator on with a visitor to Rome's imposing Colosseum.

  27. Ruins of ancient Rome stand right within the city itself, sparking the imagination of the little ones along with their parents.

  28. When in Rome… save room for gelato!

  29. Vienna's House of Art is a must-see for, who else, art lovers.

    (Jakub Cejpek/
  30. Vienna remains Europe's musical capital.

    (Jorg Hackemann/
  31. Vienna's popular Naschmarkt has existed since the 16th century, and is a great spot not only for shopping but for tasting!

    (Vadim Kulikov/

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