Photos: 10 Record-Breaking Bridges

They’re the biggest, the boldest, the busiest—each of these bridges accomplishes a feat so fantastic our ancestors wouldn't have believed it possible. Yes, they're miracles of engineering, but they're also a testament to human creativity, seamlessly integrating function with style.

  1. Widest: Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia (160 feet across).

    (Courtesy Grillo/Wikimedia Commons)
  2. Tallest: Millau Viaduct, France (1,125 feet high).

    (Courtesy dickdotcom/Flickr)
  3. Longest Covered: Hartland Covered Bridge, New Brunswick, Canada (1,282 feet long).

    (Courtesy Wladyslaw/Wikimedia Commons)
  4. Longest: Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, China (102.4 miles long).

    (The XO Directory)
  5. Longest Suspension: Akashi Kaikyo (or Pearl) Bridge, Japan (12,831 feet long).

    (Courtesy Tysto/Wikimedia Commons)
  6. Most Bricks Used to Build a Bridge: Goltzsch Valley Bridge, Germany (made of 20 million bricks).

  7. Most Photographed: Golden Gate Bridge, California.

    (SFCVB Photo by P. Fuszard)
  8. Most Traffic: George Washington Bridge, New York (51 million cars per year).

    (Courtesy Ed Yourdon/Wikimedia Commons)
  9. Most Traffic (Including Pedestrians): Howrah Bridge, Kolkata, India (80,000 vehicles and 1 million pedestrians daily).

    (Arindam Banerjee/Dreamstime.com)
  10. Longest Footbridge: Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park, New York (6,767 feet long).

    (Courtesy uticayanks820/Flickr)
  11. Oldest: Caravan Bridge, Turkey (built in 850 B.C.).

    (Courtesy Photographium)

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