Wishful Wednesday

Photos: 26 Places You Want to Be Right Now

It's the middle of the week and all we can think about is being somewhere, anywhere, besides the office. Here, a picture tour of where BT readers are in mind and spirit, if not in body.

  1. Each Wednesday we ask our Twitter followers where they would rather be. Your responses inspired us so much that we decided to compile a list. From Vieques, Puerto Rico (pictured) to Kerala, Indiahere's where you'd rather be.

    (Courtesy mark_donoher/Flickr)
  2. @tweethemap would like to be sitting on a beach in Vieques, Puerto Rico. How about La Chata beach (pictured)?

    (Courtesy Jaro Nemčok/Wikimedia)
  3. Nobska Point Lighthouse, Woods Hole, Cape Cod. Learn how to road trip Cape Cod here.

    (Courtesy Falmouth Chamber of Commerce)
  4. The team @CapeCodMagazine want to be exactly where they areCape Cod! Wychmere Harbor, Harwich Port, Cape Cod.

    (Courtesy William DeSousa-Mauk)
  5. @EatingPlaces wants to be in Scotland. We also like Dunnottar Castle, near Stonehaven.

    (Courtesy longfellowelizabeth/Flickr)
  6. A view of Edinburgh from Calton Hill, with Edinburgh Castle in the background. Explore this capital city, walk the historic Royal Mile and get lost in the National Museum galleries with this four-night travel deal.

    (Courtesy Christian Bickel/Wikimedia Commons)
  7. @Tipsfortravelers wants go to South Africa to enjoy the safaris. If you also want to go to South Africa, try this editor-vetted deal where city life meets wildlife on a two-part adventure in Cape Town and Kruger National Park.

    (Courtesy rstharaldson/myBudgetTravel)
  8. One of our followers, @Kmoorefield, is inspired by the most recent season of The Bachelor. Like Bachelor Brad, we also love the classic wine route in South Africa (pictured).

    (Courtesy Mara 1/Flickr)
  9. @marzbars wishes she was on a houseboat in Alleppey, a district in Kerala, India.

    (Courtesy Wouter Hagens/Wikimedia)
  10. Above, taking a houseboat from Alleppey. If you'd rather be in northern India, try this nine night, small-group guided tour, from $1,390.

    (Courtesy Arun Katiyar/Flickr)
  11. @thumby001 wants to be on a beach in St. John with someone special. We think Trunk Bay, pictured, would be perfect.

    (Courtesy F H Mira/Flickr)
  12. Well, Caneel Beach, also on St. John, isn't too shabby either.

    (Courtesy Fred Hsu/Flickr)
  13. Fiji is always a popular desination with our followers: both @TrvlPrincess and @MathTravel want to be there now.

    (Courtesy Tourism Fiji)
  14. The Coral Coast in Fiji. Check out this all-inclusive seven-night Fiji getaway if you'd rather be there.

    (Courtesy jaredw_1986/Flickr)
  15. Tahiti is another perennial favorite. @theRobRussell wants to be somewhere warm in Tahiti. We like Moorea, Tahiti (pictured).

    (Courtesy eatatmarks/Flickr)
  16. Like @theRobRussell, @jzeman06 also wants to be in Tahiti. Why not pamper yourself on the South Pacific's white sand beaches with this air/5 night package to French Polynesia?

    (Courtesy Viajar24h.com/Flickr)
  17. Lake Tahoe is a great vacation spot, any time of the year. Take the whole family for a long weekend with this travel deal: Lake Tahoe, 3 Nights, From $480!

    (Courtesy rappensuncle/Flickr )
  18. Mount Rose trail in Lake Tahoe, where one follower, @kacatell, would rather be right now.

    (Courtesy eatatmarks/Flickr)
  19. Cartagena is a tropical city on the northern Carribbean coast of Colombia, where @tipsfortravelers would rather be.

    (Courtesy Norma Gomez/Flickr)
  20. Explore Cartegena, Bogotá, and Medellín with an editor-approved trip to Colombia: Colombia, Air/8 Nights, From $1,319!

    (Courtesy Mario Carvajal/Flickr)
  21. One follower, @babysammich, wants to be in Quebec City. Above, a street Scene from Port St. Jean in Quebec City.

    (Courtesy David Paul Ohmer/Flickr)
  22. Saint-Charles River in the Saint-Sauveur in Quebec, Canada. At right, Scott Bridge.

    (Courtesy Gilbert Bochenek/Wikimedia Commons)
  23. Villa Balbianello on Lake Como, near Bellagio, Italy.

    (Courtesy ezioman/Flickr)
  24. @Violetworld wants to be in Lake Como. We wouldn't mind being there either, perhaps with George Clooney?

    (Courtesy ezioman/Flickr)
  25. One follower, @flightgeek, has a very specific vision of where he wants to be now: "I want to be back on my chaise lounge by the pool in Molokai, HI." Above, Molokai, Halawai Bay. Save up to $250 for this exclusive Hawaii deal for Budget Travel readers.

    (Courtesy Forest & Kim Starr/Wikimedia Commons)
  26. Molokai, Halawa Bay is beautiful. So is Waikiki, where you can spend three nights with this travel deal?

    (Courtesy benketaro/Flickr)
  27. @awwkitten is thinking of a horseback trip in the Grand Canyon. You can also tour this iconic destiantion by bike.

    (Courtesy Grand Canyon NPS/Flickr)
  28. "Bring my office to the beaches of Puerto Plata, DR," says @empiricalco. Playa Dorada, above, in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

    (Courtesy Max Bosio/Flickr)
  29. To the top of Puerto Plata. The laid back beach town of Cabarete is also a good place to check out while in the Dominican Republic.

    (Courtesy magie loves hopey/Flickr)
  30. The team over at @HyattPR says: "A beach in Aruba sounds perfect!" We couldn't agree more. In fact, if you want to go for real it just so happens that we have an editor-vetted 7-night air/hotel deal to Aruba from $899 that's good until June—check it out: Aruba Real Deal.

    (Courtesy eppyvox/myBudgetTravel)
  31. This pretty pink building in Oranjestad, Aruba—a an example of Dutch architecture on the island—looks like a confectionary treat.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  32. From @globalqn: "I need a week in Bali." We're pretty obsessed with the island ourselves. If you book by March 26 you can take advantage of our Bali Real Deal, which provides air/5 nights from $1,299. Here are some of our favorite hotels on the island.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  33. A photo of a food stall in Bali.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  34. @kevintliess longs for Bora Bora: "I wish I were chilling at the Bora Bora Nui Resort." After looking at photos like this one from BT reader "frogsaver," so do we! The destination also made our list, along with Bali, of 10 islands you need to see before you die.

  35. Here's the hammock we wish we were swaying in right now.

  36. A handsome shot of the Avenida de Mayo in Buenos Aires. Doesn't it look a little bit like Paris?

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  37. We just had to include this photo of the Pyramids of Giza from BT reader jellybean76. Not everyone is ready to head to Egypt in the wake of the protests, but some tour operators are organizing trips to the destination.

  38. Feluccas on the Nile River in Egypt—another great shot from a BT reader (shernandez00).

  39. A beautiful perspective over Kusadasi from BT reader isangmahal. If you're planning a trip to Turkey, you might also want to explore our guide on where, what and how to eat in the country.

  40. @livilodge has a very specific wish: to be in Emirates Stadium in North London. We can't necessarily relate to the stadium part, but London is definitely a BT favorite (pictured: Piccadilly Circus). For a three-for-one vacation, check out this Real Deal to London, Paris, and Madrid (air/6 nights) from just $1,175.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  41. A lovely view of the Houses of Parliament in London.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  42. @Serious_Beast is not only dreaming Machu Picchu—this person has a trip scheduled for July! We're jealous. One visit to this legendary mountaintop city and you'll realize why the Inca believed their gods lived high in the Andes.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  43. Stone stairs lead to what used to be a residential area in Machu Picchu.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  44. A view of a former plaza in Machu Picchu.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  45. A view of Ambatotsondrona, or "the leaning rock," in Marojejy National Park.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  46. A man surveys the park from his balcony in Camp Simpona in Marojejy National Park.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  47. @southerncross24 wants to be in Paraguay, South America. Here, a pristine natural scene at Crystal Falls in Yvyku'I National Park.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  48. A 19th-century cathedral in Asuncion, Paraguay.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  49. It's not unusual to encounter a traditional "carreta" in the streets of cities in Paraguay—here, a man drives through Coronel Oviedo City.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  50. @1Dad1Kid had one word for us when we asked where he wanted to be: "Thailand." This BT reader photo of boats lined up along the beach at Ko Phi Phi has us daydreaming about the country too.

  51. Here, an early morning view of the Wat Chai Wattanaram in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  52. Each Wednesday we ask our Twitter followers where they would rather be. In the past two weeks your responses inspired us so much that we decided to compile a list. From Aruba (pictured) to London—here's where you'd rather be.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  53. @Kymri is thinking of Egypt because of the "passion of the people amidst hope & change." Here, anti-Mubarak protestors celebrate Hosni Mubarak's resignation.

    (Joel Carillet/Lightroom/Redux)
  54. Ancient ruins, like the Temple of Hadriasun (shown), are in Ephesus—a town that's only a 22-minute drive from Kusadasi.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  55. @TishyTravels is craving her favorite bakery in Kusadasi,#Turkey. Here, a beautiful shot of Die Vogelinsel island in the town.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  56. @MiddleSeatView is dreaming of Buenos Aires, a city we love for its elegant architecture (shown here is the Plaza del Congreso), old-world cafes and tango-dancing residents. If you're planning a trip, check out our snap guide to the city.

    (Wikimedia Commons)
  57. @Redhunttravel has only one request: to be in Marojejy, Madagascar please! Here, a scene of the Marojejy mountains. (Keep your eyes peeled while you're here—the country is also known for some interesting animals).

    (Wikimedia Commons)

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