Photos: Amazing Public Pools

Open to the public, these 10 pools are our top picks for staying cool this summer—so dive right in!

  1. For more than a century, Tasman Sea waves have crashed against—and into—the Bondi Icebergs' pool in Bondi Beach, Australia.

    (Courtesy suburbanbloke/Flickr)
  2. Locals who want to become Icebergs (i.e., earn their official stripes as winter swimmers) must log 75 swims here during the winter months.

    (Courtesy suburbanbloke/Flickr)
  3. Berliners clamber aboard the Badeschiff (literally, "bathing ship"), which floats in Germany's Spree River.

    (Torsten Seidel)
  4. Summer attractions include yoga classes, concerts, movie screenings, a cafe, and a man-made beach.

    (Torsten Seidel)

    Records of the healing waters on the site of Gellért Thermal Baths in Budapest, Hungary, date back to the 15th century.

    (Courtesy colros/Flickr)

    The effervescent swimming pool in the art-nouveau-style main hall stretches 98 feet long under the double-height glass roof.

    (Courtesy Roberto_Ventre/Flickr)
  7. The 1,000-foot-long Barton Springs Pool in Austin, Texas, is found in idyllic Zilker Metropolitan Park, south of downtown.

    (Courtesy rmommaerts/Flickr)

    The natural springs that feed the pool were once considered sacred by Native Americans, who believed in their healing powers.

    (Courtesy criminalintent/Flickr)
  9. Water temperatures rise from 68 to 78 degrees in the summertime.

    (Courtesy jrandallc/Flickr)
  10. The Blue Lagoon, outside of Reykjavík, Iceland, warms visitors with its 100-degree seawater.

    (Courtesy jeppe-photos/Flickr)
  11. Steam rises from these sky blue hot springs across a surreal landscape of black lava mounds.

    (Courtesy martinp23/Flickr)
  12. The Blue Lagoon also offers a wellness center, which draws visitors from around the globe.

    (Courtesy stoneflower/Flickr)
  13. Vienna, Austria's Krapfenwaldlbad Park has four heated pools for swimmers, socializers, and families.

    (Courtesy MA 44 Vienna)
  14. The main pool has become a fixture in the city's summer social scene.

    (Courtesy MA 44 Vienna)

    The pools' exclusive views over the entire city and vineyards—as well as other bathers—make them exceptional.

    (Courtesy MA 44 Vienna)
  16. This circular wooden pavilion in the Baltic Sea, Kastrup Søbad, is a seven-minute train trip from the heart of downtown Copenhagen.

    (Ole Haupt)
  17. The Danish "sea bath" spirals in a way that shields bathers from the wind.

    (Ole Haupt)
  18. The walls also intentionally slope to provide views of the three miles of beaches nearby.

    (Courtesy risager/Flickr)
  19. From the rooftop pool at Thermae Bath Spa in Bath, England, visitors can take in the ornate towers of 17th-century Bath Abbey in the center of town.

    (Courtesy Thermae Bath Spa London)
  20. Thermae's Minerva Bath boasts massage jets, a whirlpool, and a "lazy river."

    (Dave Sanders)
  21. In Thermae's Cross Bath building (erected on a Celtic goddess-worshipping site), the mineral-rich water boils up out of the earth at 113 degrees.

    (Courtesy Thermae Bath Spa London)
  22. Coral Gables Venetian Pool in Florida was created in 1924 by the city's founder, George Merrick.

    (Courtesy Coral Gables Parks and Recreation)
  23. The eight-foot-deep lagoon is drained every night and refilled with 820,000 gallons of spring water.

    (Courtesy Coral Gables Parks and Recreation)

    At the Piscine Olympique d'Antigone in Montpellier, France, bathers' diversions include a five-lane pool beneath the retractable roof.

    (Courtesy Piscine Olympique d'Antigone)

    The leisure pool, named for the goddess Venus, features a whirlpool and the most chic waterslide you've ever seen (leave it to the French).

    (Courtesy Piscine Olympique d'Antigone)

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