16 Most Beautiful Towns in the World

We love towns that are long on charm, personality, and photo ops, and we combed the globe to find the best! From a hilltop in the French Riviera to a valley in New Mexico, we've got a wide world of gorgeous villages worth maxing out your smartphone's memory!

  1. The 14th-century stone cottages along Arlington Road in Bilbury, England, are the most photographed buildings in this picturesque village.

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  2. Bilbury, in the Cotswolds, was called "the most beautiful village in England" by 19th century writer-artist William Morris.

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  3. The Alpine views and timber chalets of Wengen, Switzerland, have been attracting travelers since the late 1800s.

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  4. The quintessential Alpine town of Wengen looks straight out of Heidi.

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  5. Sweeping Mediterranean views and tons of medieval charm have made Eze a popular stop on the French Riviera.

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  6. Simple stone buildings and cobblestone streets add to the charm in Eze.

    (Tanja Rosso /
  7. The fairy-tale village of Eze was a favorite of Walt Disney's.

    (Samuel Strickler /
  8. Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic grew up around the 13th-century Gothic castle of the Lords of Krumlov.

    (Plotnikov /
  9. The cobblestone streets of Cesky Krumlov's Old Town are lined with Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance buildings housing art galleries, cafes, and quaint B&Bs.

    (Plotnikov /
  10. Cesky Krumlov is set in a valley in Bohemia south of the Blansko Forest and circled by the Vltava River.

    (Mikhail Markovskiy/
  11. The deep blue of the Bay of Tunis makes the perfect backdrop for the white buildings in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia.

    (Smandy /
  12. All of the buildings in Sidi Bou Said are stark white and adorned with vivid blue doors, shutters, and decorative ironwork.

    (Smandy /
  13. Writers Colette and Simone de Beauvoir were inspired by the village of Sidi Bou Said in northern Tunisia.

    (Cristian Lisii /
  14. The Japanese village of Shirakawa-go is known for houses built in a style known as gassho, resembling hands folded in prayer.

    (Ekaterina Pokrovsky /
  15. The hallmarks of the houses in Shirakawa-go are roofs with 60-degree slopes (to help the snow slide off more easily) and attics used as warm spots for raising silkworms in winter.

    (Ekaterina Pokrovsky /
  16. St. George, Bermuda is the oldest continually occupied English town in the Americas, and little has changed since the Brits established residence here in 1612.

    (Gavin Hellier/Jon Arnold Images/SuperStock)
  17. St Peter's Church in St George is the oldest continuously occupied Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere.

    (George Oze / Alamy)
  18. Beautifully preserved colonial architecture is a hallmark of St. George.

    (Richard Cummins / SuperStock)
  19. The quiet hilltop town of Savoca is only a 40-minute drive from the popular Sicilian resort town of Taormina.

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  20. The Sicilian town of Savoca was famously used as a backdrop for The Godfather, including spots like Bar Vitelli.

    (Travel Library Limited / SuperStock)
  21. Savoca is thought to be about 1,000 years old and contains buildings dating back to Medieval times.

    (Slavapolo /
  22. Pariangan in western Sumatra is said to be the oldest—and most culturally significant—village of the Minangkabau people and has numerous well-preserved examples of traditional Minangkabau pointed-roof architecture.

  23. The Turkish village of Göreme features some of the best-preserved examples of ancient cave churches and monasteries in Cappadocia.

    (Ollirg /
  24. One of the best ways to view the iconic "fairy chimney" rock formations of Göreme is from the air.

    (Ollirg /
  25. Restored antebellum homes stand alongside fragrant gardens in Madison, Georgia.

    (Sean Pavone /
  26. Legend has it that General Sherman refused to burn down Madison during his March to the Sea because it was so pretty.

    (Ian Dagnall/Alamy)
  27. Chimayó was settled by the Spanish in the late 1600s and the town became known for weaving, farming, and livestock raising, all of which are still practiced today.

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  28. An aura of mysticism and spirituality surrounds Chimayó, which is in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristos Mountains.

    (Steve Hamblin / Alamy)
  29. There are many spiritual spots in Chimayó, New Mexico, including the Santuario de Chimayó.

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  30. Caleta Tortel is the Venice of Chile—if Venice had stilt houses and wooden walkways instead of ornate palazzi and stone bridges.

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  31. The colorfully painted houses in Caleta Tortel are built on skinny, raised stilts in the Chilota style.

    (Marka / SuperStock)
  32. Architecture in Niagara-on-the-Lake includes well-preserved examples of Regency, Classical Revival, and Second French Empire.

    (Wolfgang Kaehler / SuperStock)
  33. The island of Molokai is often called "the real Hawaii"—no stoplights, there's a law against buildings "taller than a coconut tree," and more than half the residents are native Hawaiian.

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  34. There are several residential communities around Molakai, which is also home to Hawaii's longest continuing fringing reef and the world's highest sea cliffs.

    (Gaertner / Alamy)
  35. Set among the dramatic limestone cliffs of Vietnam's Ha Long Bay, the floating village of Cua Van is made up of a collection of docked boats and colorful raft houses.

    (Patrick Hattenberger / Alamy)

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