Photos: 7 Great Trips to Book Using Your Tax Refund

Planning on using this year's tax refund on a vacation? The average American gets a rebate of about $3,000, so we outlined seven trips that fit the budget—and leave some money left over.

  1. The tame hikes at Utah's Zion National Park make it perfect for family adventures. 

    (Radomír Režný /
  2. Kids of all ages will be amazed by the canyon rivers and freestanding arches in Zion National Park.

    (Nightbox /
  3. Refuel at the Whiptail Grill, a popular Southwestern joint, after hiking in Zion National Park.

    (Courtesy Whiptail Grill)
  4. Rooms at Driftwood Lodge, located right outside Zion Park, have unobstructed views of the surrounding canyons.

    (Courtesey Driftwood Lodge)
  5. Beaches like Playa Grande on the north coast of the Dominican Republic are quiet and undeveloped. 

    (age fotostock / SuperStock)
  6. Enjoy the nightlife on the beach in Cabarte on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

    ( / SuperStock)
  7. The simple rooms at La Punta Apartments in the Dominican Republic are a steal, even with an oceanfront location.

    (Courtesy La Punta Apartments)
  8. The pool at the Dominican Republic's La Punta Apartments is right on the ocean.

    (Courtesy La Punta Apartments)
  9. A trip to Portland, Oregon, means lots of culture, amazing food, and best of all: no sales tax.

    (Jpldesigns /
  10. Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland has a teahouse located in the Tower of Cosmic Reflections.

    (Courtesy Lan Su Chinese Garden)
  11. Portland's Hotel Deluxe has a classic Hollywood feel and is located right near a Max rail station.

    (Courtesy Hotel Deluxe)
  12. Rooms at the Hotel Deluxe in Portland are decorated with Regency-style furniture and black and white photos.

    (Courtesy Hotel Deluxe)
  13. Reykjavik, Iceland, is only a quarter the size of Los Angeles, but is worth the trip for the amazing collection of art museums and galleries, not to mention the scenic location.

    (Pavel Svoboda /
  14. Take a day trip from Reykjavic to see some of Iceland's natural wonders, including Gullfoss Waterfall.

    (Jvdwolf /
  15. The hot springs at Iceland's Blue Lagoon are one of the country's most famous attractions.

    (Lukáš Hejtman /
  16. Book one of the minimalist rooms at the centrally located Hotel Bjork to be close to the sights of Reykjavic. 

    (Courtesy Hotel Bjork)
  17. The Dutch capital of Amsterdam has many canals lined with Renaissance architecture.

    (Noamfein /
  18. The best way to get around Amsterdam is on a bike, which can be easily rented for a day of traversing the canals and visiting the city's parks.

    ( / SuperStock)
  19. The Chic&Basic hotel in Amsterdam is located right on a canal in the Jordaan district. 

    (Courtesy Chic & Basic)
  20. The rooms at Amsterdam's Chic&Basic are just that (be sure to request a room with a view of the canal).

    (Courtesy Chic & Basic)
  21. The barrier island of Folly, South Carolina, just 15 minutes from Charleston, is a classic seaside escape with beautiful beaches and restaurants serving the local catch.

    (Prisma / SuperStock)
  22. Take a walk out on the pier at Folly Beach.

    (Prisma / SuperStock)
  23. Folly Beach's Beachside Bed and Breakfast is housed in a restored bungalow.

    (Courtesy Beachside Bed and Breakfast)
  24. There are dozens of scenic routes in West Virginia that ply the countryside with covered bridges, Civil War battlefields, and panoramic lookouts. 

  25.  The 43-mile Highland Scenic Highway in West Virginia runs entirely through Monongahela National Forest.

    (age fotostock / SuperStock)
  26. The General Lewis Inn in Lewisburg, West Virginia, is a great home base for driving the state's scenic byways.

    (Courtesy General Lewis Inn)

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