6 Shockingly Swanky Fast Food Joints Around the World

From a Tudor-style Pizza Hut in Stratford-Upon-Avon to a futuristic KFC in L.A., these six fast food joints are unlike anything you've ever seen.

  1. The "nicest Taco Bell in America" in Pacifica, California.

    (Courtesy adamisserlis/Flickr)
  2. A futuristic Kentucky Fried Chicken in Los Angeles.

    (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)
  3. Dubai's version of a Starbucks in the Ibn Batutta Mall.

    (Courtesy bettyx1138/Flickr)
  4. A Pizza Hut in Stratford-Upon-Avon worthy of Shakespeare.

    (Courtesy bongo vongo/Flickr)
  5. This McDonalds in Bray, Ireland, resides in an historic town hall.

    (Courtesy infomatique/Flickr)
  6. A fancy looking McDonald's in Porto, Portugal.

    (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

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