Photos: 8 Great Places to Visit Before Kids

No, you don't have to stop traveling once you start a family. But these eight destinations are best experienced without kids in tow.

  1. A trip to New Zealand means expensive long-haul flights—totally worth it to see the country's cool towns and spectacular scenery, but not kid-friendly.

    (Instinia Photography/Dreamstime)
  2. The best thing to do in New Zealand is to get outside. Be adventurous by hiking around the Bay of Islands.

    (Ruth Lawton/Dreamstime)
  3. Nature is all around in New Zeland, where blue penguins make a nightly pilgrimage back to their nests in Oamaru.

    (Jordan Tan/Dreamstime)
  4. Go to Paris now, while you can stroll the street hand-in-hand and nuzzle under the Eiffel Tower without interruption.

    (Luboslav Tiles/Dreamstime)
  5. Daytime in Paris has a lot to offer, but the city continues to come alive after the sun sets, and you won't want to miss it because the kids need to get to bed.

  6. You can always come back in a few years with the kids to share iconic sites like Notre Dame Cathedral, plus the stellar art museums.

    (Michal Bednarek/Dreamstime)
  7. Cambodia's Angkor Wat is one of the world's most sacred places, and deserves quiet contemplation.

    (Daniil Timofeev/Dreamstime)
  8. The Angkor Wat complex spreads out over 494,000 acres, which can be overwhelming to young visitors (plus the heat and humidity can make long periods of time here difficult). 

  9. There are many temples at Angkor Wat, plus archeological relics dating back to the 9th century. 

    (Thor Jorgen Udvang/Dreamstime)
  10. Take a road trip along iconic Route 66 now, before you are subjected to a chorus of "are we there yet?" from the backseat. 

  11. To do a proper Route 66 road trip, you need to head out from Santa Monica, California.

    (Wangkun Jia/Dreamstime)
  12. Your Route 66 road trip ends in Chicago, after passing the Grand Canyon, the St. Louis Arch, and countless retro diners and motels.

  13. Chances are there will be time for a guys' weekend or girlfriend getaway to Vegas, so now is the time to try your luck in Macao

    (Lance Lee/Dreamstime)
  14. Macao's grand casinos are great places to spin the wheel or double down, but not appropriate for children.

  15. Grand hotels and enormous casinos have made the former Portuguese colony of Macao into one of the top gambling destinations in the world.

    (Jan Madsen/Dreamstime)
  16. A trip to California's Napa Valley should be all about sampling the Chardonnay and Merlot and eating decadent meals, not something you would want to bring the kids for.

    (Thomas Barrat/Dreamstime)
  17. Taking to two wheels is a good way to cover more ground in Napa, and visit the more than 400 vineyards.

    (Courtesy Adam Franco/Flickr)
  18. You'll want to be on your own schedule in Napa, where you can spend your days sampling wines and nights enjoying the local bounty.

    (Teodora George/Dreamstime)
  19. Disney World isn't just for kids, of course, and it's a whole different experience without little ones. 

  20. You can do anything and everything you want at Disney when you go without kids—you can spend all day learning at Epcot if you want, and no one will complain.

    (Courtesy Gene Duncan/Disney)
  21. Another perk of visiting Disney without kids? Staying at the parks for the evening shows and not worrying about anyone missing their bedtime. 

    (Steve Kingsman/Dreamstime)
  22. A transatlantic cruise (like the one offered on the Crown Princess) means weeks of lounging out on the open sea, which could be bliss for you but boring for kids.

    (Ian Whitworth/Dreamstime)
  23. Transatlantic cruises have limited calls to port, of course, and typically include rarer stops like Ponta Delgada in the Azores.


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