Revolutionary Restaurants That Changed the Way We Eat

These restaurants are not only world-famous, but each of these innovative eateries actually helped start a food revolution. Take a peek inside!

  1. Momofuku, in New York City, is a bustling hotspot for Korean-fusion dishes.

    (Courtesy danpeng1/Flickr)
  2. David Chang's Momofuku has elevated the humble instant noodle to an art form.

    (Courtesy sukhchander/Flickr)
  3. Momofuku Milk Bar is one of David Chang's many successful offshoots.

    (Courtesy bokchoi-snowpea/Flickr)
  4. Noma in Copenhagen, voted the best restaurant in the world by the U.K.

    (Courtesy Antissimo/Wikimedia Commons)
  5. Noma specializes in the New Nordic cuisine, making innovative use of classic northern European ingredients.

    (Courtesy tomislavmedak/Flickr)
  6. Noma's interior design matches its ultra-cool aesthetic.

    (Courtesy Antissimo/Wikimedia Commons)
  7. Chez Panisse Café offers affordable fare that is true to its namesake's founding local-food principles.

    (Courtesy Calton/Wikimedia Commons)
  8. Chez Panisse Café's dishes are sourced locally and prepared simply.

    (Courtesy jaycross/Flickr)
  9. The kitchen at Chez Panisse Cafe.

    (Courtesy xmatt/Flickr)
  10. The interior of Otto Pizzeria. Try the pepperoni pizza, one of the joint's most popular.

    (Courtesy idovermani/Flickr)
  11. Otto Pizzeria specializes in artisanal pizza by Mario Batali, who trained for three years in a Northern Italian kitchen.

    (Courtesy amlamster/Flickr)
  12. Atelier Joel Robuchon Las Vegas, which features one of the chef's signature open kitchens.

    (Courtesy http2007/Wikimedia Commons)
  13. Joel Robuchon's reasonably priced tea menus give the rest of us a chance to taste his masterful inventions.

    (Courtesy Ohconfucius/Wikimedia Commons)
  14. St. John introduced (or rather reintroduced) Londoners to the idea of making use of every part of an animal.

    (Courtesy andreasivarsson/Flickr)
  15. St. John's recipes encourage diners to tuck into organ meat and marrow, and have been imitated all over the world.

    (Courtesy xmatt/Flickr)
  16. St. John's classic look belies its reputation as an innovator.

    (Patricia Niven)
  17. The Spotted Pig is one of New York City's finest gastropubs.

    (Courtesy The Spotted Pig)
  18. The Spotted Pig specializes in upscale riffs on conventional pub fare.

    (Courtesy The Spotted Pig)
  19. The Spotted Pig feels like the neighborhood bar of your dreams—with dreamy recipes to match.

    (Courtesy The Spotted Pig)
  20. Sushi of Gari is a relatively affordable way of savoring the sushi revolution started by world-famous restaurants like Matsuhisa.

    (Courtesy Sushi of Gari)
  21. Sushi of Gari offers sushi and sashimi platters for under $50.

    (Courtesy Sushi of Gari)
  22. Sushi of Gari's interior has a Zen-like simplicity.

    (Courtesy Sushi of Gari)
  23. Pret a Manger introduced the world to really good fast food—prepared fresh all day.

    (Courtesy bensutherland/Flickr)
  24. Pret a Manger's sandwiches have become grab-and-go favorites in cities such as London, New York, and Washington.

    (Courtesy kinghuang/Flickr)
  25. Pret a Manger's self-serve aesthetic and casual vibe make it an easy place to pick up a high-quality lunch.

    (Courtesy Lawsenbofan/Wikimedia Commons)
  26. Planet Raw features raw, organic foods that have made it a magnet for Angelenos with food allergies—and also for anyone with a taste for great vegetarian meals.

    (Courtesy Planet Raw)
  27. Planet Raw's foods are never cooked, but newbies are usually surprised at what a wide variety of dishes are available.

    (Courtesy Planet Raw)
  28. Planet Raw has drawn celebs such as Woody Harrelson and Robin Williams.

    (Courtesy Planet Raw)

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