Photos: New England's "Other" Capes

Take a tour of the spectacular spits of land jutting out into the Atlantic north of Boston.

  1. Cape Ann, Mass., has been home to bustling fishing ports since the 17th century.

    (Berthold Steinhilber / Laif / Redux Pictures)
  2. The Lobster Shack's main attraction.

    (Herb Swanson / The New York Times / Redux Pictures)
  3. Rocky Neck, home to a thriving art scene.

    (E.J. Lefavour / Khan Studio)
  4. Iconic New England whoopie pies.

    (Lynn.Gardner / Flickr)
  5. Gloucester's iconic blue shutters.

    (Courtesy Blue Shutters Inn)
  6. Cape Neddick's "Nubble" lighthouse has shone a distinctive red light since 1879.

    (Ocean / Corbis)

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