27 Amazing Photos of Cherry Blossoms Around the World

Every spring, cities come alive with the pink and white cherry blossoms known as sakura. Here are your best shots of cherry blossom festivals around the globe, including colorful blooms surrounding landmarks in Washington, D.C. and pagodas in Tokyo.

  1. "This photograph of a bridge on the canal in Omihachiman, Japan, is a great example of what the magic of light can do for a photograph. This is the immediate afterglow of sunset, a beautiful time for cityscapes and landscapes."

    (Courtesy danwatts/myBudgetTravel)
  2. "April is a beautiful time in Korea. Cherry blossoms and a warm breeze make for a great stroll through the Changdeokgung Palace, one of several traditional palaces in the heart of Seoul."

    (Courtesy ErinNorthington/myBudgetTravel)
  3. "While wandering through Kyoto, Japan, I was mesmerized by the millions of cherry blossoms above me. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. When the wind would blow, the delicate flowers fell from their branches, covering the earth like a blanket of pink snow."

    (Courtesy lous22/myBudgetTravel)
  4. "Spring at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, N.Y."

    (Courtesy nevermore/myBudgetTravel)
  5. "Main Street explodes with cherry blossoms in Brevard, N.C."

    (Courtesy Christfield/myBudgetTravel)
  6. "Cherry blossoms in Okinawa, Japan."

    (Courtesy amsher/myBudgetTravel)
  7. "Cherry blossoms in Burnaby, British Columbia."

    (Courtesy amichka/myBudgetTravel)
  8. "Notre Dame Cathedral with cherry blossoms."

    (Courtesy debyholmes/myBudgetTravel)
  9. "Cherry blossoms in Tokyo's Ueno Park."

    (Courtesy randy09/myBudgetTravel)
  10. "Cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C."

    (Courtesy lirpa522/myBudgetTravel)
  11. "Along Allee de Cygnes during springtime in Paris."

    (Courtesy virgtong/myBudgetTravel)
  12. "While visiting a coffee-growing farm on Hawaii's Big Island, I spotted this colorful blooming tree."

    (Courtesy maddiebala/myBudgetTravel)
  13. "A young girl enjoying a stick among the cherry blossoms at the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn, N.Y., 2010."

    (Courtesy tinamachina/myBudgetTravel)
  14. "We paid ¥6 to get into the zoo so that we could see this popular pagoda in Tokyo's Ueno Park. The cherry blossoms have a way of making every picture look better."

    (Courtesy walshmaje/myBudgetTravel)
  15. "Cherry blossoms in Shimizu, Japan, with Mount Fuji in the distance."

    (Courtesy birdergirl/myBudgetTravel)
  16. "This picture was taken in Central Park, New York City, in April."

    (Courtesy Lucy888/myBudgetTravel)
  17. "The Washington Monument, framed by Japanese cherry blossom trees."

    (Courtesy bdinphoenix/myBudgetTravel)
  18. "Photo taken April 2011 of the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C."

    (Courtesy denesmeyer/myBudgetTravel)
  19. My first trip to Washington, D.C. coincided with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. I had no idea of the millions of people that converge on the area and was pleasantly surprised to have gotten such a peaceful moment to take this shot.

    (Courtesy ekgri1964/myBudgetTravel)
  20. "Cherry blossoms in China."

    (Courtesy greyhoundmom/myBudgetTravel)
  21. "Cherry Blossom Lane at the other Washington (Olympia, Washington)."

    (Courtesy DWaiste/myBudgetTravel)
  22. "A beautiful day in D.C. I visited my daughter and we strolled around the city looking at the beautiful blossoming trees."

    (Courtesy sonphlower/myBudgetTravel)
  23. "Tranquil cherry blossom scene in D.C."

    (Courtesy BACampbell/myBudgetTravel)
  24. "Japanese Gardens, Tokyo, Japan."

    (Courtesy Janelj/myBudgetTravel)
  25. "A late March heavy wet snow on the trees that were in bloom made a colorful contrast. Photo taken at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in Saint Louis. Every week brings a new view in the gardens."

    ( Courtesy GL Salava/myBudgetTravel )
  26. "Umpqua Lighthouse In Southern Oregon."

    (Courtesy Vonelle Viajera/myBudgetTravel)

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