Summer Weekends: 15 Favorite Places

We always ask our Facebook fans and Twitter followers how they spend their weekends—and the answers span the globe! From Bulgaria to Mississippi, here's where BT readers are going this summer.

  1. Budget Travel Facebook fan Jenni Kelly biked the Golden Gate Bridge in June: "great ride with amazing views!"

    (P. Fuszard)
  2. Fishing boats at Fisherman's Wharf, in San Francisco.

    (Courtesy San Francisco Travel)
  3. San Francisco's cable cars are ridden by 10 million people a year.

    (Courtesy San Francisco Travel)
  4. It took over 25,000,000 man hours to build the Golden Gate Bridge in the 1930s.

    (Matthew Bowen)
  5. San Francisco's famous Lombard Street, which consists of eight hairpin turns.

    (Courtesy San Francisco Travel)
  6. BT fan Bonnie Floyd went to Yosemite at the end of June. "The falls are amazing!" she posted. Here, Mirror Lake at Yosemite National Park.

    (Courtesy chensiyuan/Wikimedia Commons)
  7. Fall in Yosemite National Park, with El Capitan viewed from the Valley Floor.

    (Courtesy Mbz1/Wikimedia Commons)
  8. Yosemite Valley Tunnel View.

    (Courtesy chensiyuan/Wikimedia Commons)
  9. Where did reader Dawn Jeffrey go the other weekend? "Went to Vegas—had a blast!"

    (Courtesy Las Vegas News Bureau)
  10. The Strip, in Las Vegas.

    (Courtesy Las Vegas News Bureau)
  11. One lucky reader, Renee Warren Tran, went snorkeling in the Grand Caymans!

    (Courtesy Cayman Islands Department of Tourism)
  12. Sailing at Stingray City, in the Grand Cayman Islands.

    (Courtesy Cayman Islands Department of Tourism)
  13. Seven Mile Beach, in the Grand Cayman Islands.

    (Courtesy pmarkham/Flickr)
  14. Facebook fan Suzanne Ezra went to Sozopol, on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria, in June.

    (Courtesy Evgeni Dinev/Wikimedia Commons)
  15. Holidaymakers on the beach, in Sozopol, Bulgaria.

    (Courtesy Jeroen Kransen/Wikimedia Commons)
  16. Looking onto the Black Sea.

    (Courtesy Evgeni Dinev/Wikimedia Commons)
  17. Coronado Bridge in stunning San Diego, where reader Sharon Hahn went on vacation.

    (Brett Shoaf)
  18. Bicycling on the Pacific Beach, in San Diego.

    (Joanna DiBona)
  19. Relaxing in La Jolla, San Diego.

    (Joanna DiBona)
  20. In early July, Facebook fan Alex Romanos went to Cape Cod, Mass., which she "♥'s."

    (Courtesy Bobak/Wikimedia Commons)
  21. Sandy Neck Light, in Barnstable, Cape Cod.

    (William Desousa-Mauk)
  22. Chatham Harbor, Cape Cod.

    (William Desousa-Mauk)
  23. Reader Dave Warstler took his family to Atlantic City at the end of June.

    (Courtesy of the Atlantic Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  24. Warstler said, "Great family time at the beach…"

    (Courtesy of the Atlantic Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  25. "…on the boardwalk during the day…"

    (Courtesy of the Atlantic Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  26. "…and with my wife in the casinos and beach bars at night! Great fun!"

    (Courtesy of the Atlantic Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  27. For his weekend getaway, Glenn Barker, a reader from Las Vegas, went to Durango, Colo., to ride the historic train through the San Juan Mountains.

    (Steven Brunso)
  28. Train ride in Durango.

    (Yvonne Lashnett)
  29. Tina Oliver Caparella went to Lake Tahoe in June. According to Caparella, it's the "Jewel of the Sierra."

    (Courtesy Michael/Wikimedia Commons)
  30. A view of Lake Tahoe, as seen from its east shore in Nevada. Caparella said, "It's one of the most beautiful spots in the world!"

    (Courtesy Sascha Brück/Wikimedia Commons)
  31. The vessel Tahoe Queen, at Lake Tahoe.

    (Courtesy Ville Miettinen/Wikimedia Commons)
  32. In July, Facebook fan Kelly Jameson Walker went to New Orleans, pictured above.

    (Courtesy Cosmo Condina and
  33. The 1920s Pearly Thomas streetcar 922 heads out past the Maison Blanche Building, on Canal Street in New Orleans.

    (Courtesy Infrogmation/Wikimedia Commons)
  34. BT Facebook fan Patsy Meyers Hill toured all around Nashville, pictured.

    (Courtesy Sami99tr/Wikimedia Commons)
  35. In Nashville, she went to the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum…

    (Courtesy Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau)
  36. …and visited Opryland Hotel.

    (Courtesy Opryland Hotel)
  37. Vail Valley in Colorado, where Dawn Crowe Pimmel and her family celebrated the Fourth of July: "We hit the Vail Valley pretty good for hikes, biking, horseback riding, swimming, and all-around fun!"

    (Courtesy Nick Csakany/Wikimedia Commons)
  38. The Frank Gehry designed Ohr-O'Keefe Museum in Biloxi, Mississippi. "It's a testament to that city's post-Katrina resilience," BT fan David Johnson posted after a weekend visit in July.

    (Courtesy Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art)
  39. According to Johnson, "The futuristic buildings, somewhat resembling George Ohr's iconoclastic pottery, blend in harmoniously with the surviving live oak trees, and the view of the Gulf of Mexico is beautiful."

    (Courtesy Woodlot/Wikimedia Commons)
  40. The LBJ Ranch, also known as the "Texas White House," which reader Betsy Cox visited over Fourth of July weekend.

    (Courtesy National Park Servies)
  41. You can pick up a GPS guide at the visitor's center and drive all around the ranch. "Very interesting place to visit!"

    (Courtesy National Park Servies)

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