Zoo Babies 2010 These photos of Bernardo and the other playful newbies are sure to brighten your day. Budget Travel Tuesday, Jun 15, 2010, 12:19 PM Kanani the DeBrazza's Monkey Little Kanani is always on the move, wriggling away from her mother, Marinda, to swing from branch to branch. (Dave Parsons/courtesy Denver Zoo) Budget Travel LLC, 2016


Zoo Babies 2010

Source Article: Zoo Babies 2010
Kanani the DeBrazza's Monkey Little Kanani is always on the move, wriggling away from her mother, Marinda, to swing from branch to branch. (Dave Parsons/courtesy Denver Zoo)
Kanani the DeBrazza's Monkey Kanani is the first baby for mom Marinda (pictured) and dad Kisoro. (Dave Parsons/courtesy Denver Zoo)
Cricket the Giraffe Cricket was able to stand just two hours after she was born, and within a week, she was running laps around the yard. (Dave Parsons/courtesy Denver Zoo)
Bronx Lion Cubs The Bronx Zoo asked the public to help name the three cubs, born on January 27, 2010. The winning names—Nala, Adamma, and Shani—were announced May 16. (Courtesy Julie Larsen Maher)
Luna the Elephant Born on May 20, Luna made her debut at Disney's Kilimanjaro Safaris savanna on June 12. (Diana Zalucky/courtesy Walt Disney World Resort)
Ares the Coquerel's Sifaka Ares sticks close to his mom, Kate, and loves to ride on her back. (Courtesy Julie Larsen Maher)
Baby Gorilla He's a mama's boy for now, but soon this baby gorilla will be romping around with his 4-year-old siblings, twins Kali and Kazi. (Adam K. Thompson/courtesy Zoo Atlanta)
Lakota the Zebra Grevy's zebras are known for their especially long legs. It looks like Lakota is still getting used to his! (Dave Parsons/courtesy Denver Zoo)
Lakota the Zebra Zebras' stripe patterns are like human fingerprints—no two are alike. (Dave Parsons/courtesy Denver Zoo)
Baby Storks The three baby storks, born in May, are the first on record to hatch at the Lincoln Park Zoo since it opened 142 years ago. (Courtesy Lincoln Park Zoo)
Clouded Leopard Cubs Born at the National Zoo's Conservation and Research Center, these cubs were bottle-fed by staff to ensure they received sufficient nutrition. (Mehgan Murphy/courtesy Smithsonian\'s National Zoo)
Gertrude the Mandrill Gertrude loves to explore her surroundings, but she never ventures far from mom Louise. (Courtesy Julie Larsen Maher)
Abe the Mini Nubian Goat Abe's sunny personality makes him a perfect fit for Central Park's petting zoo. (Courtesy Julie Larsen Maher)
Baby White Rhino Mom Kendi was the first white rhino to be born at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. Eleven years later, she's given birth to her first calf, a baby girl. (Gene Duncan/courtesy Walt Disney World Resort)
Dall Lamb One of two Dall sheep born at the Denver Zoo this spring, this one's fluffy white coat is meant to help him blend in with the snowy terrain of Alaska, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. (Dave Parsons/courtesy Denver Zoo)
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Lambs These lambs need to be sure-footed to be able to trek all over the Rocky Mountains. These little ones are getting good practice by climbing on mom! (Dave Parsons/courtesy Denver Zoo)
Bernardo the Andean Bear Bernardo and his sister, Chaska, are the first Andean bear cubs to be born at the National Zoo in 22 years. (Mehgan Murphy/courtesy Smithsonian\'s National Zoo)
Bernardo and Chaska the Andean Bears Chaska is a bit braver than Bernardo and, jugding by this photo, a better wrestler, too! (Mehgan Murphy/courtesy Smithsonian\'s National Zoo)
Blue-Black and Blue-Purple the Penguins Born just one day apart, these African penguins don't go anywhere without each other! (Courtesy Sea Research Foundation)
Silver Leaf Langur When this little one isn't being cuddled by mom, it's using its extra-long fingers and toes to help it swing from branch to branch at the Bronx Zoo's JungleWorld exhibit. (Courtesy Julie Larsen Maher)
Cayenne, Santiago, and Diego the Maned Wolf Pups Itati has been a model mother to her three pups, Cayenne, Santiago, and Diego. (Dave Parsons/courtesy Denver Zoo)
Tuya the Camel Zookeepers had to step in to care for baby Tuya when her mother passed away shortly after giving birth. (Ken Bohn/courtesy San Diego Zoo)
Inigo the Golden Lion Tamarin Inigo in a rare moment of calm with his mom, Robin. Usually the little guy is a whirlwind of activity. (Adam K. Thompson/courtesy Zoo Atlanta)
Warthog Piglets By the time they're a year old, these piglets will sport the same funny hairstyle mom Shirley has. (Adam K. Thompson/courtesy Zoo Atlanta)
Baylor the Elephant Baylor has fit right in with the herd at the Houston Zoo. His brother, Tucker, was apprehensive at first, but he quickly warmed up to the younger guy, and now the two love to play together. (Stephanie Adams/courtesy Houston Zoo)
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