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Punta del Este: Uruguay’s Playground

Visit this South American spot where glamorous travelers soak up the sun and nightlife. This is Punta del Este, Uruguay's Beachside Playground.

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Darley Newman

TV host, author & producer

Widely recognized for her ability to bring out the best in her on-camera guests, Darley Newman is a travel influencer and popular TV personality, watched by hundreds of millions of global viewers on PBS and on networks in over 82 nations around the world on the Emmy-winning TV series she created Equitrekking.

An entrepreneur and award-winning travel book author, Darley recently launched a new series on Scripps Networks’ ulive, Travel Like the Locals with Darley, and has hosted segments on Ralph Lauren TV, the AOL On Network, Starz Networks Encore Channels, international networks in the UK, Ireland, Japan and France, and covered the White House for The Talk Radio News Service. An avid blogger and an expert on all things equestrian, she created, and, resources for travelers interested in horseback riding adventures. She’s produced for CBS, PBS and various documentaries and series and received her B.A. in Electronic Media and International Business and Cultures from The George Washington University.

Darley has been honored with five Daytime Emmy Award nominations for hosting, writing and producing Equitrekking, alongside media moguls Ellen DeGeneres, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. She received the North American Travel Journalist Award two years in a row for Best Travel Broadcast and the Merit Award for Best Travel Book. She was recently honored with the Inspiring Woman Award from Women in Philanthropy and Leadership.

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