Explore Australia with our Reporter's Live Video Diary

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Senior Editor Jason Cochran just got off his Qantas flight to Down Under, where it's late fall. For the next three weeks he'll be criscrossing the giant, legendary land of Australia, seeing places that many Americans would love to see. And you can follow him!

From spectacular Great Ocean Road outside of Melbourne to the Tolkeinesque karri forests around isolated Perth in the extreme west, from unique Aussie tucker to that famous animal life, he'll uncover the tricks, tips, and secrets of an unforgettable trip to Australia. He'll also bring you the sights and sounds of some of the country's coolest (and oddest) tourist attractions. No matter where the road takes him, you'll be able to share in his journey on your own computer.

In a one-of-a-kind experiment in live travel reporting, Jason's traveling by car with a cameraman who's recording his movements. Every few days, he'll upload two or three short one- to two-minute entry from his live video diary. See the Twelve Apostles in the Great Southern Ocean! Experience Perth, the most distant city from America's East Coast! And get a load of the weird roadkill Down Under! Just bookmark this page and you can follow him throughout his trip--as it's unfolding.

Australia is a dream destination for millions of people. But you don't have be content with what you see on your screen. Use what you learn to plan your own dream trip to Australia. It's something you'll only find right here on Budget Travel.

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