Australia's Flight Pass Program

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Roundtrip air from Los Angeles to Australia for $999 plus free airfare to three other Australian cities

The Real Deal: Buy roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane for $999 and fly to three other Australian cities for free.

When: July 19 - Aug. 26, 2005

Gateways: Los Angeles and Honolulu; other gateways and dates available for a surcharge.

Details: Minimum stay of 7 days and maximum of 21 days from your first transpacific flight.

Book By: Aug. 31, 2005

Contact: Qantas,

The concept behind the new travel pass from Qantas is a simple rip-off of Cathay Pacific's much more extensive "" and it even carries the same price-tag: $999. Here's how it works: for $999, you--the intrepid traveler-- will get to fly from Los Angeles or Honolulu to Oz and then hop to three cities on this massive continent, without paying a cent extra. Considering that airfares from LA to Sydney often top the $999 mark, and fares from say, Brisbane to Sydney can cost $150 each way, this is a superb opportunity for anyone who's ever wanted to really get around Down Under. Travelers have 30 days tops to use their pass and can only fly to one city apiece in three different sectors during that time. But still, these are the cities you'll want to visit: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast Queensland, Perth, Ayers Rock, Darwin, Cairns and others. To extend your trip for another 30 days costs an additional $100.

The $999 price-tag is good until Dec. 9, 2004 and again after Apr. 26, 2005. In the months in between the rate will rise by about $300. Add-ons from other cities, including those on the East Coast and Midwest, are certainly available.

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