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Table of Contents

updated February 21, 2017

Highlights from the April 2005 issue of Budget Travel

Amsterdam's Eastern Docklands
The long-neglected New East is a glowing example of 21st-century urban planning with prime examples of modern architecture and high-design.

Learning To Love London
It sounds easy, right? But the dropping dollar has London playing hard to get, so it takes the knowledge of an expert to find the deals and local secrets in this charming city.

How To Buy Broadway Tickets
Going to see a Broadway show is a magical experience, but sky-high prices mean that it may take some digging to score great tickets at affordable prices.

The Motel Gets Its Groove Back
A new generation of moteliers is giving the roadside classic the respect it deserves across the country.

40 Best Bargain Vacations
Current bargain vacations.

Travel the World and Write it Off
If you travel for business, you can deduct nearly all of your expenses.

Eat Like a Local: Boston
Boston is full of fine dining bargains with plenty of fresh fish and new options.

What To Ask Before You Rent an RV
Traveling by RV offers the ability to personalize your travel space, avoid costly hotels and tote along bulky items. Find the answers to your RV questions before you hit the road.

Northern Vietnam
Though Vietnam is a popular tourist destination, lose the crowds at My Son Sanctuary and Bach Ma National Park.

Singapore: This Article Has Not Been Authorized
Singapore is trying to change its image to boost tourism, but there are many things to appreciate about Singapore as it is.

Crash the Party: Kentucky Derby 
Get in on the fun of this Louisville racing event with a mint julep and a big, overstated hat.

Trip Coach: Alaska
A couple tries to figure out an affordable trip to Alaska with three adolescent sons.

The Easy, Breezy Riviera Maya
This fast-growing coastal area in Mexico is home to 372 hotels. We've narrowed them down to five favorites.

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