20 Tips

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1. Look for vintage postcards. If you're tired of the same boring postcards that are found at every roadside tourist trap, try shopping for vintage postcards at an antiques shop. They're a great addition to any photo album, as they often show what the local attractions looked like prior to development. Christian Galloway, Leesburg, Va.

2. Bring a disposable camera. I travel with two cameras: a digital SLR for the majority of my shots, and a small disposable camera for when I ask strangers to take pictures of me. As much as I trust people, I'm not ready to hand over my $1,000 camera to someone I don't know. Sam Antonio, San Diego, Calif.

3. Check out "Young and Budget". Before heading to Stockholm, younger travelers should check out a special section of the official visitors guide called "Young & Budget" (stockholmtown.com, under the Activities tab). It provides information on cafés, shops, restaurants, bars, and parks, and lays out walking tours of the hip areas of town (my favorite is Östra Söder). I'm 22, and I found the information suited me better than what's in traditional guidebooks. Hillary Schuster, Chicago, Ill.

4. Take advantage of Winkflash's 99¢ shipping rate. Like online photo service Snapfish, Winkflash (winkflash.com) offers free online storage of digital pictures and 12¢ prints. But if you plan on ordering a lot of prints, go with Winkflash: It has a flat shipping rate of 99¢. (Snapfish's rate goes up after five prints.) Kelly Cassidy, Danielsville, Ga.

5. Keep track of your receipts. I always carry a Ziploc bag for credit card receipts so that when my bill arrives, the documentation to reconcile or dispute the charges is in one place. I can also easily find the name of that cozy little restaurant I want to tell a friend about. If I'm traveling in Canada or Europe and have to deal with VAT rebates, I store receipts that I need in order to claim a refund in a separate bag. Filling out the forms is a breeze. John Ferguson, Clinton, S.C.

You can find more tips in the September 2005 issue of Budget Travel magazine.

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