November 2005 Table of Contents

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Highlights from this month's issue of Budget Travel

Ghosts of the Sierra Madre
In the remote mountains of central Mexico, the old mining town of Real de Catorce is being reborn as a mystical outpost of the counterculture. Whether you go to eat peyote, soak up the hippie vibe, or commune with the spirits, visiting is always a trip.

Kauai: The Top 25
How do we love Hawaii's greenest slice of paradise? Michael Endelman counts the top 25 ways, in no particular order.

Road Trip: The Sea Islands
The Georgia coastline--yes, Georgia has a coastline--is a many-splendored place. And the vibe changes dramatically from island to island to island.

Rome Sweet Rome
When his wife was invited to study in Rome rent-free, Stephen Heuser took a six-month sabbatical and tagged along. La vita doesn't get much more dolce than that

Eat Like a Local: Tel Aviv
From Matzo balls and kreplach to lemongrass-infused bouillabaisse, Tel Aviv is enthusiastic about all food, downhome and upscale. How enthusiastic? We can sum it up in a detail: locals call the @ sign a 'strudel'

Who Can You Trust?
Anyone planning a trip should regard certain sources with suspicion--and disregard others completely

40 Best Vacations
The real deals right now

True Stories
Win a trip to Panama! If your response is the best we receive before Nov. 30, you'll win a five-night trip to Panama courtesy of Escapes Unlimited.

20 Tips
Got a great tip? Email us at If we run your tip in the magazine, you win a free subscription. Please include your mailing address.

Chains Giving Away Free Wi-Fi
Check out our list of hotel chains and cities that offer Wi-Fi at no charge 

What $100 Buys in Cuzco 
 The Quechua call it Qosqo, or "belly button of the world." Trekkers in Peru know it better as the gateway to Machu Picchu

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