Camp Glossary: Activities!

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Color War

A tournament where teams participate in a three-legged race, tug-of-war, and the Sing Down (one team picks a word, and opposing teams sing songs that contain it). New Jersey YMHA Camps, Pa.


Like Color War but with a sailing regatta, kayak obstacle course, volleyball, and trivia. For young kids there's an egg toss, relay races, and a cannonball splash contest. YMCA Camp Gorham, N.Y.

Super-Sloppy Double Dare

Teams of 4 to 12 kids do a series of messy tasks: racing with an egg in a spoon, carrying a bucket of slime, and sticking one's face in a plate of whipped cream. Blue Star Camps, N.C.

Blob Tower

An inflatable playground floating on the lake. There's a 12-foot-tall tower with a climbing wall, slide, and best of all, a 30-foot-long extension resting on the water. One child jumps off the tower and onto the extension, which sends the kid at the end flying. Deer Valley YMCA Camp, Pa.


Teams of three compete in three events, with each member responsible for a leg: running a mile; rowing three quarters of a mile across the lake; and swimming back. YMCA Camp Nawakwa, Wisc.

Ropes courses

Low ropes courses promote team building and tend to include kids. Obstacle courses are a common feature: Campers crawl through a pipe, negotiate a bungee web, and scramble over a net. High ropes courses are geared to individuals (teenagers and older) and, as the name implies, occur at treetop level. For the Leap of Faith at California's Shady Creek, for example, belayed campers climb to a platform 55 feet up, then fling themselves at a trapeze bar 10 feet away. At many camps.

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