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Maui: Friendly, Quirky, and Full of Soul
A market where you can borrow a dog for the day. The clothing-discouraged drum circle every Sunday at sunset. A honky-tonk bar that's dedicated to Willie Nelson. Yes, we're talking about Maui

25 Reasons We Love Oaxaca
If one walk through the romantic old streets doesn't leave you infatuated with Mexico's colorful colonial city, a little mescal usually does the trick

Secret Hotels of Bali
The island is home to some of the world's most famous resorts. When it comes down to friendliness, however, they can't compare with these seven intimate gems

20 Tips
News ways to use pillowcases, cell phone cameras and calculators, and more advice from our readers

Trip Coach: Europe
Three Girl Scouts heading to London and the Swiss Alps want to squeeze the most fun out of a limited budget

Face-Lift: Paris
The City of Light is in the middle of a cultural boom, beginning with the anticipated reopening of the Musée de l'Orangerie

Where City Slickers Can Get Their Hands Dirty
More and more farms are opening up for tours. We like the ones that really allow visitors to participate

Hot Property: Home in Bueno Aires
Patricia O'Shea, a former publicist, and British record producer Tom Rixton got a little help from their friends when opening their hotel

This Just In!
An exhibit on first ladies opens at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, some cruise lines start charging an additional fuel fee and a portable solar panel lets you charge your iPod anywhere

A Softy for Milwaukee
The city has always been a nice place. Recent improvements, however, have also made it a nice place to visit

SoCal's Coolest Street
Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach is a long, mellow stretch of independent boutiques

Family Travel Guide
Where is your family going this summer? The trick is to find a trip that will appeal to everyone. Plus: tips for amusement parks and long drives

Yes, Growing Older Does Have a Silver Lining
But not every senior discount beats what young'uns pay. How can you tell a good deal from a crock of Geritol?

Alterna-Airports 2.0
Due to the rapid growth of certain airlines (and the demise of others), a whole new set of airports should be on your radar

Confessions of an Amusement Park Employee
Melissa Mayntz worked at Cedar Point for five summers, and set herself on fire more times than she cares to mention

On the Road Again, and Again
During long journeys across the country, the authors of two new memoirs searched for down-home grub and a free ride

In Tight With the Locals
You learn a lot about a place based on what the people drink, and how they drink it

Road Trip: Nevada
Far from the lights of Las Vegas are the open roads and dusty towns of the old American West

40 Best Vacations
The real deals right now

True Stories
Win a trip to South Africa! If your response is the best we receive before May 12, you'll win a seven-night trip to the Eastern Cape, courtesy of South African Airways Holidays.

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