20 Tips

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1. Are you tired of catching colds while traveling? Take along a travel-size package of Clorox wipes. Disinfect the tray table and armrests on the airplane, and the telephone and TV remote in your hotel room. Sherill Hacker, Williamston, Mich.

2. Keep your passport information handy. On international flights I used to fumble through my belongings--often having to retrieve them from the overhead bin--after a flight attendant appeared with the landing card. (I don't know of many people who have their passport's number and date of issue memorized.) Now I write all that info on the bookmark of whatever I plan to read on the long flight so that I don't have to dig out my passport. I can then fill out the card quickly--giving me more time to loan my pen to all the people who never seem to carry one. Bill Serues, Springtown, Pa.

3. Don't toss out old prescription glasses. Whenever my husband and I get new pairs of eyeglasses, we relegate the old ones to our luggage, along with an inexpensive repair kit from the drugstore. If something happens while we're away from home, we can hopefully fix the glasses ourselves. If they're beyond saving, we have the backup pairs to get us through the rest of the trip. Carol Alabaster, Phoenix, Ariz.

4. Even disposable-camera lenses should be protected. They scratch just like any other lens would. Place a small piece of painter's tape (or another kind that won't stick too much) over the lens to protect it from contact with other items in your purse or backpack during travel. Hugo Scherzberg, Concord, Calif.

5. Secure any small electronics to a bag.I'm a gadget freak and I don't like to travel without things like my digital camera and iPod. On one trip, though, I put my camera down in a crowded restaurant and then, distracted, forgot to put it back in my bag. By the time I remembered where I'd left it, the camera was long gone. Now, I attach those kinds of items to my daypack with a lanyard. They're still easy to pull out and use, and they never get left behind. France Freeman, Seattle, Wash.

You can find more tips in the June 2006 issue of Budget Travel magazine.

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