Table of Contents: July/August 2006

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Highlights from the July/August 2006 issue:

My Shanghai Is Better Than Yours 
As the editor of, Dan Washburn has learned far more about Shanghai that we ever could hope to, so we've invited him to tell us the best places to eat, shop, and play
 Plus: Download the Shanghai listings (PDF)

Secret Hotels of the Amalfi Coast 
Reid Bramblett scoured Italy's cliffside villages--and the island of Capri, while he was at it--for million-dollar views at hundred-dollar prices
 Rome Snap Guide
 Slide show: The Amalfi Coast

Why Drive Yourself Crazy? 
Excruciating commutes . . . Three-dollar gallons of gas . . . The never-ending quest for a parking space . . . You need a vacation--from your car. In these four friendly cities, you can walk everywhere you want to go
 Maps of walkable cities

20 Tips 
Find out why you might want to a pack a shoe organizer, contact lens case, or light stick on your next trip

Trip Coach: Europe 
A couple from Madison, Wis., asks for our help planning the pit stops on their motorcycle tour around Europe

New Hotels in New York City 
Midmarket brands are opening sleek hotels all across Manhattan, delivering a quality of life most new arrivals take years to achieve
 Map of new hotels in NYC

Why Haven't You Heard of the Lavezzi Islands?
 There are no hotels on the Lavezzi Islands. No cafes, either. Not even a single toilet. And that's precisely why people come.

Made in Uruguay 
 A growing community of designers is bringing new life--and style--to Montevideo's Ciudad Vieja 

This Just In!  
Sleep with the fishes at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, play free golf when staying at a Hilton Garden Inn, and cruise for $24 per night on EasyCruise in Holland and Belgium

Climbing Cape Town
Hikers on a new cushy three-day trail can expect to encounter at least one tablecloth along the way
 Plus: Download the Cape Town Snap Guide

Urban Treasure Hunts 
 Looking to explore a favorite city and meet interesting people? Go on a newfangled treasure hunt

Discount Airlines in Mexico
 Low-fare carriers are transforming the way travelers zip around Europe, Asia, the U.S.--and now, Mexico

Outdoor Gear: On Sale 
By midsummer, companies are already looking to the next season, unloading warm-weather inventory at steep discounts

Keep Your Dog's Tail Wagging 
American Kennel Club staffers offer tips for traveling with your pet 

Finally, a Tent With No Assembly Required 
 See how the Quechua 2-Seconds Tent works

Photo Solutions
 While some digital cameras are loaded with gimmicks you'll never use, a few new ones have genuinely practical tools.

Get the Most Out of Your African Safari 
It's a big trip in terms of time, planning, and money--so before heading into the lion's den, conduct a bit of research
 Trip Coach: Planning an African Safari

To Boycott or Not to Boycott 
  The truth is, there are pros and cons to visiting countries with sketchy human rights records

Maximize Your iPod
 The ultimate on-the-go gadget can do a lot more than just play tunes

Road Trip: The Catskills 
In the Borscht Belt, organic greens are beginning to trump Shecky Greenes. But if you skip the summer classics--like hiking and tubing--the joke's on you

40 Best Vacations 
The real deals right now

True Stories  
Travel is stranger, funnier, and more heartwarming than fiction. Plus, a chance to win round-trip Business Premier Class tickets to New Zealand from Air New Zealand or four nights at the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera, a RockResort in Colorado.

What $100 Buys in...Nevis 
 The Caribbean island is almost always mentioned in the same breath as its sister, St. Kitts--and yet Nevis has a spirit entirely its own.

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