Resort Wedding Coordinators

The Destination Wedding Workbook's John Bigley and Paris Permenter

Many resorts have staff members who handle all the in-house wedding arrangements, from paperwork to photography. These in-house coordinators work for the resort and are usually limited to wedding sites at the resort itself. Usually the services of the resort wedding coordinator are part of the wedding package itself, a savings over hiring an independent wedding coordinator.

Will you be on site the day of our wedding? __ yes __ no

Will you be attending the ceremony? 
  __ yes __ no

How many other weddings will be held the day of our ceremony? _______________

Some resorts run weddings on an assembly line basis, especially during June. If you don't want to be one of four or five weddings on property that day, check before booking.

Can we set up a rehearsal?  
 __ yes __ no

Are we limited to particular sites on the property for our ceremony or may we have the ceremony anywhere on the resort grounds? 
  __ yes __ no

Will we meet the wedding officiant before the ceremony?  
 __ yes __ no

Can you help us arrange a religious ceremony? 
 __ yes __ no

May children attend the wedding? 
  __ yes __ no

Many adults-only resorts do not permit children on property.

Is there a minimum age for children allowed on property at this facility or resort?  __ yes __ Age __ no

Some properties that do allow children require a minimum age of 16 or 18.

What individual items should we add to the wedding package?

____imported flowers
  ____flowers for guests
  ____local band
  ____seating for guests
  ____aisle runner
  ____flowers for showering
 ____photo package 

Is there a per guest fee for non-resort guests? 
  __ yes __ no

What hours does this fee cover? __________

For guests who would like to remain on property and party through the evening, what is the cost of a night pass? ___________________

How late do night activities continue? ______________

Can you show us photos of the floral arrangements used at the site and at receptions? __ yes __ no

Are there photos online or can you email us photos? 
  __ yes __ no

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