Pick Exotic Location, Then Add Guests

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Want to get married on your honeymoon? A getaway wedding is like having your cake and eating it, too.

Would you like to get married on your honeymoon? Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples who are eager to skip the fuss of a traditional wedding and jump right into the fun. Around the world, you'll find hotels and resorts that offer on-site help to plan your wedding, from details like the wedding license to extras such as music and photos. Whether the special day involves just the two of you or you'll be inviting friends and relatives to join in the occasion, getaway weddings can be a way to create wonderful memories.

For some couples, destination weddings are a way to avoid the more than $26,000 presently spent on an average wedding while enjoying all the fun and excitement of a honeymoon in one easy package. For other couples, it's a way to avoid all the fuss of a traditional wedding with its countless details while still planning an event you'll always remember. For other brides and grooms, a destination wedding is a chance to throw an extravagant event with all the bells and whistles of a ceremony at home, but in a destination where friends and family can come from around the world and enjoy both your ceremony and time together in a spectacular location.

Whatever type of destination wedding appeals to the two of you, we hope you'll find plenty of ideas in this workbook. We have compiled this book following hundreds of interviews with wedding planners, hotel managers, food and beverage managers, travel agents, and brides just like you.

Work through this book together and, like the life that lies ahead of you, tackle the questions one by one to create a day that you'll always remember.

On the following pages [Editor's note: Download the PDF file in the sidebar, right], you'll find worksheets, timelines, lists, and questions for the two of you to ask each other and the professionals who will help make your wedding dreams come true. These worksheets will provide a handy way to keep your information organized. When it comes time to travel to your destination wedding, this guide will provide a central source for all your important information--from airline confirmation numbers to the phone number of your wedding coordinator. Toss this book in your suitcase and you'll have all the information you need to get your wedding plans in high gear.

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