Table of Contents: September 2006

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Highlights from the September 2006 issue:

Fairy Tales Do Come True 
In Germany, a number of genuine castles--turrets, hidden passages, the whole deal--are more than just romantic backdrops. They're hotels too
 Slide show: Castle Hotels of Germany

Walk Like an Australian 
The Great Ocean Road has long been one of Australia's top attractions. But now there's an even better way to admire the southern shoreline: a 57-mile trail called the Great Ocean Walk

25 Best Places You've Never Heard Of 
Everyone wants to know about the "next great places." But rather than simply make up a list, we turned to the people who explore for a living. Get ready for a serious case of wanderlust (not to mention job envy)
 Plus: 25 Best interviews

20 Tips 
Find out how to protect a digital camera, and why you shouldn't take that camera to the Mint

Trip Coach: Jamaica 
Two couples hope to scout wedding locations, pay tribute to a dear family member, and squeeze in time for jet skiing
 Read and download an excerpt from "The Destination Wedding Workbook" 

Trendspotting: Haute Diners 
Creative chefs across the country are reinterpreting the greasy spoon. Say good-bye to grits and hello to quinoa
 Read an excerpt from "Two for the Road" (including recipes!)

A Guide to Flight Passes 
Flight passes sound like they should make planning a multileg trip easier, but that's not necessarily so 

How to Use Your Cell Phone Almost Anywhere 
Ways to use your cell phone abroad without getting ripped off at $5 per minute
 Plus: Download the Airline Directory walletcard (PDF)

Road Trip: Lake Champlain 
Fall-foliage season can make much of Vermont less idyllic than you'd hope. Head north, where you'll see more bikes than cars

40 Best Vacations 
The real deals right now

True Stories 
Travel is stranger, funnier, and more heartwarming than fiction. Plus, a chance to win a trip to Ireland courtesy of Dooley Vacations

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