Downloadable Wallet Cards


Looking for the handy wallet cards you saw in previous issues of Budget Travel magazine? Print out more and keep them with you.

If you don't already have it, you will need Adobe Acrobat, a free (and easy!) plug-in, to read the guide. Download Adobe Acrobat

Airline directory (PDF)
Phone numbers for airlines are difficult to find when you need them most. Here are contacts for American carriers--including local numbers, because you often can't call toll-free outside the U.S.

Eco Card (PDF)
A handy card to tell housekeeping you don't need the linens changed every day.

Polite phrases in 12 languages (PDF)
You'll get a warmer welcome if you learn a few words of the local language

Reward program account numbers (PDF)
Organize your membership info! Just fill out this card and keep it in your wallet. (Then you can get rid of all those other cards.)

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