Companies Giving Away Plastic Bags at Airports

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Just in time for the busy holiday travel season, plastic bag companies are teaming up with airports to give travelers the clear bags they need to carry liquids and gels through airport security.

Hefty ( has announced it's giving away more than a million one-quart bags at airports across the U.S., including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Glad Products ( is also offering thousands of free bags in airports such as Dallas/Fort Worth and San Francisco.

These bags meet the TSA's "3-1-1" carry-on guidelines ( three ounces or smaller containers of liquids or gels inside a one quart-size, clear plastic zip-top bag; only one plastic bag allowed per traveler. Click here to download a handy PDF wallet card with the 3-1-1 requirements. Since many passengers may not understand these new restrictions, we think free bags are a smart way to keep travelers moving through airport security lines.

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