The Feel-Good Family Edition

November 20, 2006
We've put together a slide show of readers' funny and heartwarming travel tales.

On a Mexican Riviera cruise, my family experienced strong winds. Since my husband is constantly telling our son to lighten up and have fun, that's exactly what he did. Rebecca Abbott, Mesa, Ariz.

 My 4-year-old daughter had never had her hair cut before, so we decided to have it done in the Magic Kingdom. Since it was her first haircut, she was serenaded by a barbershop quartet and received a pair of Mickey Mouse ears along with a commemorative certificate. Amanda Carothers, Lake Village, Ark.

While other kids were playing nearby, this little girl in Chongqing, China, sat with her book and whined pitifully to her mother in the shop. After the mother scolded her, she cried, which seemed to illustrate the universal truth that anywhere you go in the world, you'll find kids who really hate doing their homework. Teri Shikany, Danville, Calif.

My daughter, Deena, came with me to sample blue crab in a Maryland seafood restaurant. Expecting a mountain of claws, we were shocked when our waitress arrived with whole crabs--guts, eyes, and all. After our waitress demonstrated proper crab picking and Deena tried a morsel, she asked, "Do you think we could go out for chicken tonight?" Kelly Curtis, Clear Lake, Wis.

To celebrate our 34th anniversary, we took our son to Spain and returned to the beach where my husband had proposed. Lo and behold, the family who had operated the local restaurant was still there. Not only did they remember us, they showed us this 34-year-old photo on their computer! Do we keep in touch now? You bet. They're family. Mary Beth Nelson, Blue Jay, Calif.

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