Packing Tips

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Every traveler has a strategy for what to pack and how to pack it. But some techniques are smarter than others. We all know we should pack less, but how? One way is to go with one or two color schemes when picking what clothes to bring. Then you can mix and match to create several different outfits.

Dry-cleaning bags are great for keeping clothes from wrinkling. Slide each item into a plastic bag, then lay them on top of each other and carefully put them all into your suitcase. Trust me, this works wonders!

If you're going somewhere that's especially warm and humid, stick a fabric softener in your luggage. It'll absorb odors and dampness and keep clothing fresh.

Plastic travel soap dishes are great for keeping tiny breakable items safe. Old film canisters will also do the trick.

Pack an empty duffel bag inside your main piece of luggage. That way, if you're over the airline's weight limit, you can take out your duffel and check it as a second bag. the extra bag will also come in handy for storing dirty clothes--or as a place for all those great souvenirs you just can't resist.

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