Cash Back on Your Next Hotel Stay

Bt Thumbnail DefaultBt Thumbnail Default's newest incentive to attract repeat business is a classic: The online booking engine is handing out cash rebates. is offering rebates of up to $100 on rooms booked for dates through Mar. 31. If you stay two or three nights, you qualify for a $25 rebate. If you stay four, five, or six nights, you qualify for $50. Longer trips qualify for $100. Rooms must be booked before Jan. 31, 2007, and you must finish your trip by the end of Mar. 2007.

The rebate process is simple when compared with the frustrating rebate-coupon paperwork you often face when buying appliances and consumer electronics. First, you book a room at, which will give you a "booking number." Enter that booking number at the rebate website. Rebates will be credited to your credit card account.

But watch out for the fine print. The rebate only works for reservations you prepay in full. Trouble is, if you have to cancel a prepaid reservation, you may have to pay a fee--or even the full amount--depending on the hotel. Adding insult to injury, you won't qualify for the rebate, either. So be sure to review the details of your hotel's advertised deal to confirm its cancellation rules before you book.

Two other catches: This rebate offer isn't valid for Marriott and Starwood hotels or for vacation packages. And you must submit your rebate request form online or by phone no later than Apr. 8, 2007.

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