Table of Contents: February 2007

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Secret Hotels of the Riviera Maya   
Along the 250-mile coastline south of Cancun, we found eight places to escape the spring break crowds. From simple casitas on the beach to a villa once owned by a drug kingpin, there's a hideaway to suit every mood.
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Dubai: Just Add Money   
This isn't your father's oasis: In 15 years, Dubai has gone from a backwater refueling stop to a playpen for the rich. But is there any reason for normal people to visit?

Sky High: Artist James Turrell  
The artist is having a moment--his gorgeous, calming Skyspaces, in particular, are popping up everywhere. Newsweek art critic Peter Plagens explains how a hole in the ceiling can feel like so much more.
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Eat Like a Local: Melbourne   
Perfectly grilled steaks, a hot young chef, and a 1,400-bottle wine cellar are among the reasons to check out these restaurants

Five Hotels: What £99 Buys in London   
The exchange rate means that if you want to stay someplace with style, you're going to spend at least $200 a night. Here's how to do it without hating yourself in the morning

Road Trip: The Big Island of Hawaii    
On the Big Island--with its volcanoes, adorable sea turtles, black-sand beaches, and amazing helicopter rides--you can feel like a kid again

40 Best   
Where the real deals are in Shanghai, Philadelphia, Dominica, and 37 other tempting destinations

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