Game On!

Michael Kraus

Keep the kids occupied just about anywhere--even in the far backseat of the minivan.

F-1 Plane Pal: One-stop shopping with a tic-tac-toe board, an activity book, a six-in-one crayon, minibinoculars, and other amusements (, $28).

Rubberneckers: Travel bingo available in the original car edition and a new version meant for planes--after divvying up the cards, players might have to spot the words duty free, an escalator, or someone turning on the overhead light (, $13).

Slips & Ladders: Magnetized tortoises and hares race in a twist on the classic fable--and boardgame (, $13).

World Traveler: Aspiring stylists pick a setting--the beach, mountains, an exotic palace--and dress their model in whatever magnetic clothing suits their fancy (, $14).

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