If He Looks Fun, Invite the Bellman

Tara Donne
Game Night: Winner takes all

Sometimes the best night out is when you never leave the house--or in this case, the chic Hotel Gansevoort in New York City. A few good props and the party's on.

Dance Night
Get into the groove with Cyndi, Michael, Madonna, and More Pure '80s (amazon.com, $14) downloaded onto an iPod Nano (apple.com, $149)--JBL speakers come with a suite--a boa or two (rickysnyc.com, $10 each), Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers for old times' sake, a rotating disco-ball lamp (target.com, $11), and a mini disco ball (4funparties.com, $3).

Game Night
Good bets include Poker Night (chroniclebooks.com, $25) and Pictionary and Taboo (toysrus.com, $25 each). When the competition gets too heated, cool off with a Cosmo: Pack a cocktail shaker (target.com, $10) and buy ingredients when you get there. Winner gets custody of the trophy (atomictrophy.com, $15).

Movie Night
Besides the usual movie accoutrements--gummy bears, Twizzlers, Hershey's Cacao Reserve chocolate, Edy's Dibs--order in advance a two-gallon popcorn tin (daleandthomas.com, $30) and Jones sodas customized with your photo (myjones.com, $35 for 12). Don't forget the Kleenex: You'll want them for An Officer and a Gentleman.

Spa Night
To chill out for the night, all you need is a mani/pedi kit (sephora.com, $42) and some polish, fancy tea (adagio.com, from $8), a Turbie Twist towel to keep your hair back (cachebeauty.com, $9), a face mask (aveda.com, from $19), and a flameless candle (brookstone.com, $20). Now try to keep it down!

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