Makeup Bag Makeover

Michael Kraus

Your moisturizer, foundation, mascara, and lipstick work so hard to get you ready for a night out on the town. What have you done for them lately?

Murval Paris, $17
Parisian Wallpaper nylon train case with a faux-leather handle and a vanity mirror inside the lid. 866/687-8253 for stores

Simply Sarah, $42
Sasha Lilly of the Valley bag with a cotton exterior and a plastic-lined interior.

Milano series, $24
Neo Collection microfiber hanging bag with four zippered, see-through compartments.

Tara Boone, $45
Hypnotize Flat Train Case with a zippered pouch, elastic straps to secure bottles, and a detachable jewelry case.

Cris Notti, $75
Green Kimono hand-printed case with faux-snake trim, a Lucite handle, and a small vanity mirror.

Stephanie Johnson, $35
Zoe Zip Top clutch with a shiny laminate exterior and black patent-leather trim.

Mary Jane Bags, $13
Toile Cosmetic Bag in heavy-duty oilcloth with a coordinating orange-and-white gingham lining.

Toss Designs, $88
Pony Vanity Tote with a mirror, elastic loops to hold bottles in place, and a zippered pocket.

Paul & Joe, $62
Pouch 3 makeup bag with pockets for brushes and a two-ring binder with two inserts.

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