No Awkward Pauses

Michael Kraus

Surefire ways to kick-start conversations.

A game of 100 flash cards, SexSmarts has questions in four categories: Dirty Talk, Carnal Culture, Bodies, and Wild Card. Think you already know it all? Which aphrodisiac did Casanova supposedly eat every morning? (Oysters.) What does it mean when a woman describes herself as "natural" in the personals? (No boob job.) And the only X-rated film to win Best Picture? (Midnight Cowboy.), $20

TableTopics: Girls Night Out
The stylish (but kinda heavy) acrylic box might not make it into the suitcase, but the cards are sturdy enough to survive in your purse. They'll certainly liven up any dull moments, what with questions on topics such as whether size matters, what your strangest date was, and--dare to dream--if you had to gain 10 pounds, what would you eat?, $25

Would You Rather . . . ?
The third volume of absurd (and often hilarious) questions is devoted to matters of love and sex (then again, aren't we all?). It features doozies like "Would you rather date someone with a razor-sharp wit or a vibrating tongue?" and "Would you rather have been serenaded by Frank Sinatra or danced with Fred Astaire?", $10

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