Making Memories

Rebecca Simpson

Crop-a-Doodle-Do (cute name!) is a "scrapbook and spa getaway" in Indiana, founded by Brenda Webster and Melissa Keene in 2005. The gathering is held in a renovated 1865 farmhouse. Brenda and Melissa gave us some scrapbooking tips--both their own and ones they've learned from their guests.

1. Beginners only need basic supplies. Such as: a storage bag, paper, a paper/photo cutter, adhesives, pens, and simple embellishments. You can easily become overwhelmed with all that's now on the market.

2. Find others to scrapbook with. Most seasoned scrappers love to share supplies and ideas with newbies.

3. Don't be afraid to mix media. Ribbons, beads, and stamping keep it interesting.

4. "Scraplifting" is perfectly acceptable. Think of it as sharing ideas, not stealing.

5. Be careful. Don't scrap a photo you wouldn't want your grandkids to see! Enough said.

6. Plan pages in your head first. As you sort photos, using tools such as digital cameras and index prints, start to plan pages in your head. One guest uses new pizza boxes to store photos, paper, and embellishments until she's ready.

7. Keep a journal of your ideas. When you think of something, jot it down or sketch it. You'll have something to reference when you actually have the time to scrapbook.

8. Start creating your book ahead of time. Another guest who returns to the same beach house each year makes her book in advance, leaving blank spaces for the photographs. This helps her figure out which photos she wants to take while on the vacation. After the trip, she just adds the photos and voilà! Her vacation scrapbook is complete.

For more information on Crop-a-Doodle-Do, call 888/317-2767 or visit All-inclusive two-night getaways start at $275 per person.

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