How to Find Your Inner Seductress

Michael Kraus

As owners of New York City restaurant and bar Employees Only, Jason Kosmas and Dushan Zaric have watched their female customers make the same dating mistakes over and over again. So the two--who have nearly 30 years of bartending experience between them--decided to share their expertise in a book, You Didn't Hear It From Us.

Let's hear it, guys: What do we do the next time we spot a handsome stranger across a crowded bar?

Don't Play It Too Cool
"We did a casual poll in our bar about what turned men on, other than the usual Baywatch fantasy. And every single one of the men put a smile at the top of the list."

Make Him Lean In
"If a man is going to be enticed by you, it's not because his ears are ringing. For whatever reason, men associate voices or laughs that are too loud with a kind of desperation. Dial it down a notch or two."

Watch the Perfume
"Men want to smell it when they bend in close to talk to you, or to give you a hug or a kiss."

Use Body Language
"Gesturing adds rhythm to conversation: Use your hands to tell a story, run your fingers through your hair or tuck it behind your ears, stroke your neck. Toss in a quick, light touch on our leg when you're making a point, and we're goners."

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