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Got a GG Tradition? We asked, and you answered.

The five of us each write about the trip in a diary. It's funny to read everyone's memories of the trip we were all on. We learn something new about each other every trip. Funny thing is, we've known each other all the days of our lives. Elizabeth Beter, Mandeville, La.

On my 30th-birthday cruise, we threw a pajama party on deck. The other passengers thought we were nuts, but it was a total blast. Every cruise since, we've had a pajama party on the last night. KarinTallent, Lake Placid, Fla.

We wear our underwear on the outside of our clothes and then we run around the hotel. Ghada Shalabi, Tinley Park, Ill.

Once we board the ship, we use our cruise names. I'm Sunny, my daughter is Breeze, my friend Pat is Bubbles, and so on. To get Pat's attention, I say, "Hey, Bubbles!" and people think it's her real name. We always have a special toast and ceremony with whoever already has a cruise name and anyone we've inducted (including people we've met on the cruise). Lydia Blake, Allentown, Pa.

Winner of a Trip to Miami's Bal Harbour Village
My sister and I photograph our feet in every locale we visit: flip-flops in Bermuda, sandals in Venice, boots in Times Square. Alison Gary, Greenbelt, Md.

Because of schedules and family demands, my friend Anna and I can't travel. So we have sleepovers with food and drinks from other countries. So far we've "visited" Spain, Japan, and Ireland. CarlaKrause, Chicago, Ill.

The 10 of us are working on a quilt with our favorite inspirational sayings on it. When the quilt is finished, it'll go to the person who needs it most, then she'll pass it on to the next person in need. Judi Simecek, Carbondale, Colo.

Dessert three times a day: That's how we know we're on vacation. Gerri Chappel, Slippery Rock, Pa. We revisit our favorite wineries every year, and the staffs know us on a first-name basis. Is that good or bad? Constance Luedicke, Corpus Christi, Tex.

My best friend, Linda, and I go to L.A. every year for the Oscars. We always make reservations way in advance for the places where the stars are likely to be dining and staying. We've accumulated stories that we could never have made up. Sandy Knebel, Arlington, Tex.

We always wear a stereotypical accessory for the place we visit. Last year, we showed up in Austin with big brass belt buckles--and wore them like the superstars we are. Emily Rankin, Prague, Czech Republic

After the "I arrived safely" call, we ditch all of our cell phones, pagers, and computers. Then we have a race to see who can finish her book first. Allyson Hatfield, Atlanta, Ga.

Every man who serves us--waiter, bartender, bellman, croupier, etc.--we call Raoul, our personal manservant. Leslie Johnson, Milford, Conn.

My daughter and I never forget to bring champagne-- it's to celebrate the fact that we can be friends, even if we don't always agree. Deloris Taylor, Rock Hill, S.C.

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