What's in a Name?

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When we asked about your GG traditions, we learned about the nicknames that groups have for themselves and their getaways.

For the past four years, we've gone on a cruise. We've had as many as 225 women in our group. It's called Chicks Ahoy. Sheila Cohen, Columbia, Md.

We're The Margarita Girls, because we always make a toast to our friendship with margaritas. Nancy Sounart, Clarkston, Mich.

We call it our BIBS trip--for "Because I'm Beautiful and Sexy." Alison Britt, Birmingham, Ala.

Everyone contributes to Gurlz' Weekend by menu-planning, music-supplying, game-organizing, food-preparing, or other "ings." Amy Hockett, Charlotte, N.C.

My girlfriends embark on our Estrogen Festival, or Est Fest, each February. We've spent many a weekend only eating deep-fried food. Susan Nguyen, Portland, Ore.

My book group, WINONO (Women in Need of a Night Out), goes away once or twice a year to a romantic location that our husbands--or exes--would never take us to. Carol Tucker, Providence, R.I.

Our nickname is BAWOE, after Becoming a Woman of Excellence, a book that the eight of us once studied together. Beckie Hudson, Concord, N.C.

We write Bad Girls Weekend on our pajamas in puffy paint and then we run around like dorks to get ice at 4 A.M. Jillian Clemmons, Seattle, Wash.

Although the point of Detox Week is to relax and detoxify, we're sure to include partying on the agenda. Hey, parties are a terrific way to unwind, right? Elli Karagiorgas, San Francisco, Calif.

My girlfriends and I decided to take our monthly Wine Night on the road once a year for Wine Night Road Trip. Wine Night Girlies rock! Donna DeKeyrel, Roseville, Calif.

We call our getaway Geishas Gone Wild. Lorraine Fullerton, Salem, Ore.

When the four of us went to Miami in our senior year of college, we didn't know we'd be starting a tradition of Fun Fearless Female Vacations. Kelly Reed, St. Louis, Mo.

In the Bahamas, the locals kept calling us "pretty lady"--"Pretty lady, come look at this necklace" or "Pretty lady, like a drink?" So we began to call ourselves The Pretty Ladies. Sonia Landin, New York, N.Y.

We call ourselves the Old Bats Club--in our 40s and 50s with a lot of life to live. Rebecca Stiebeling, Leo, Ind.

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