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Your best "it's a small world" encounter?

Editor Erik Torkells ...Fellow Newsweek employee in the bungalow next door, the Bahamas
Art Director Amy Helin ...Former Gap colleague at a street parade, Z?rich
Managing Editor Marilyn Holstein ...Coworker on a Mediterranean cruise, Seven Seas Navigator
Picture Editor Amy Lundeen ...Friend from college on a street corner, Berlin
Senior Editor Laurie Kuntz ...High school friend at the Prado Museum, Madrid
Senior Editor Brad Tuttle ...Hometown friend at St. Mark's Basilica, Venice, and on a flight from Denver
Assistant Managing Editor Suzy Walrath ...Best friend from first grade at Harrods, London
Associate Editor Laura MacNeil ...College acquaintance in the bathroom of a vegetarian restaurant, Budapest
Associate Art Director Sarah Irick ...Fellow Wichitans staying in the next room, Sayulita, Mexico
Associate Art Director Tamara Powell Surtees ...Ex-crush at The Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta
Editorial Production Manager Lauren Feuer ...Middle school crush at a resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica
Senior Picture Editor Rebecca Simpson ...High school friend at the Statue of Liberty, New York
Associate Picture Editor Lauren Keenan ...Former neighbor surfing in Sayulita, Mexico
Copy Editor Thomas Berger ...Friend of a friend at the castle in Heidelberg
Assistant Editor David LaHuta ...Childhood babysitter near the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Assistant Editor Naomi Lindt ...College roommate at an Internet café, Paris
Assistant Editor Lindsey Ramsey ...High school biology teacher at Margaritaville, Orlando
Editorial Assistant Sarah McCormick ...Friend from New York City in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco
Art Assistant Jacky Carter ...Two high school classmates (separately) at H&M, Chicago
Intern Josh May ...College classmate at Absolut Icebar, Stockholm
Intern Silvia Usle ...Ex buying lettuce at a grocery store, Paris
General Manager Online Michelle Preli ...High school classmate from Kentucky on the subway, New York City
Managing Editor Online Suzanne McElfresh ...Famous jazz musician neighbor at a café, Berlin
Senior Editor Online Sean O'Neill ...High school history teacher at the Tenochtitlán ruins, Mexico
Editor Online Kate Appleton ...Friend of a friend at El San Juan Hotel & Casino, Puerto Rico
Senior Producer Online Anthony Falcone ...College friend and her new baby in Walt Disney World, Orlando
Producer Online Ruthie Kaposi ...A carbon copy of my mother-in-law, Vancouver
Web Developer Jeff Beam ...Grade school friend on the Champs-Élysées, Paris

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