Table of Contents: June 2007

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Europe--Day Four
When you're in a European city and all the museums and shops are beginning to blur together, there's only one thing to do: Head to the train station.

Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta is just what the doctor ordered. The only decision is whether to unwind with a night of partying or an afternoon on an empty beach. Take seven days and call us in the morning.

Uncommon Lodging: Yurt Spurt
These days, the tent-like domes are popping up around the world, bringing comfort to the wilderness with an eye toward low-impact tourism.

How to Buys a Sari
A beautifully draped sari is always fashionable, whether the occasion is fancy, casual, or holy.
Slide show: Learn to wrap a sari

Cool Things to do with a PDA
A Blackberry, Palm Treo, or other PDA is useful for a lot more than e-mail.

Road Trip: Iowa
In the rush and tumble of modern life, the most satisfying road trip might be to a place where small-town America seems not to have changed all that much.

40 Best
The Real Deals right now.

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