Hong Kong Update


How was your trip? Greg Marker and Candace Pinaud tell us about their trip to one of the world's busiest cities.

Who's That in the Photo With You?
"We started chatting with Linda on the plane," says Candace (see photo, below; Linda is on the right). "She lives in Washington State, but her daughter, Charlie, and son-in-law, Gerwin, are based in Hong Kong." A few days later, the group met up for dinner at Nha Trang, a Vietnamese café and one of Linda's favorite restaurants in Central (88 Wellington St., 011-852/2581-9992, entrées from $8). "It was delicious," says Greg. "We shared plenty of pho bo, the classic noodle soup, and soft-shell crab rolls." Then they all hopped the MTR to the Mong Kok shopping district. (That's where the snapshot was taken.) "The streets are lit with so many neon signs that it's like walking into daylight," laughs Candace. "I ended up with some wonderful souvenirs, including a stingray wallet for my dad, magnets for my friends, and a hand-embroidered silk shawl for myself."

Hong Kong Disneyland
"I loved the park," says Candace. "It's much smaller than Orlando, so we were able to do everything in six hours, including the river cruise, Space Mountain, and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters." Greg ate at every stop he could. "I tried dishes from all over China. Each region puts its own twist on noodles, rice, and soup."

Macau Was a Big Hit
Greg and Candace spent two nights at the Pousada de Mong-Ha. "The tasting dinner, which lasted three hours, was the single greatest event of the trip," says Candace. They took a tour of the Old City, exploring the 17th-century Mount Fortress, among other ancient structures, then made the trek to Fernando's for dinner. "The drive was gorgeous, through the hills and over serious bridges," says Greg. "We could even see mainland China."

A Tip From Greg
"Public transportation is faster and cheaper than a taxi. If you do take a cab, there's a simple rule we learned by trial and error: Taxis are fined $60 for stopping at a curb marked with a double yellow line. They're only allowed to stop at single yellow or single, dotted yellows."

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