DIY Dumpling Instructions

Brian Yarvin

A recipe and step-by-step instructions for preparing Cantonese Shrimp Dumplings, excerpted from 'A World of Dumplings.'

Photographer Brian Yarvin has filled his new cookbook with recipes, tips, and anecdotes related to the varied dumplings found culinary traditions around the globe.

We've reprinted below Yarvin's take on classic Cantonese shrimp dumplings, often made with pinched-edges, and have provided an easy, downloadable recipe along with up-close photos illustrating how to perfectly pinch your own dumpling edges. Enjoy!

The Pinched-Edge Fold

Sit down to a dim sum meal, or just a plate of dumplings at a good Chinese restaurant, and you'll find the pinched-edge fold. Sometimes you'll just see part of the edge pinched, but with "Shanghai-Style Soup Dumplings" and their cousins, the edge will be pinched all the way around, forming a sort of dome.

This is a dumpling shape that most people think of as uniquely Chinese, but it pops up once more along the Silk Road. In the Republic of Georgia, a local favorite called khinkali uses the exact same technique. It vanishes from this point west, though, and while half moons are found all across the world, the pinched-edge fold never even made it to Europe.

Plus: Hungry for more? Find out which markets and restaurants Yarvin recommends and just how many dumplings he tasted in the making of the book by reading our Q&A with Brian Yarvin.

Excerpted from A World of Dumplings: Filled Dumplings, Pockets, and Little Pies from Around the Globe, The Countryman Press, August 2007. Purchase it online at and visit the author's website at

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